Editorial: Wayne Mack needs to clean up, eschew opportunism

Montgomery and Willis, July 30 – Wayne Mack, JP, needs to clean up his act. It’s probably shocking to hear those words about someone who invokes the name of the Lord so frequently.

Left to right: Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Wayne Mack, County Judge Craig Doyal.

Mack’s comments on Facebook this week revealed his complete antagonism towards citizens who seek reform. It’s no wonder that, from a seat at the table of corruption, Mack remains remorseless about his vain invocation of the Lord contained in his text message to a County employee:

Ending a threatening text message in that manner reveals a cynical manipulation of God, not reverence for Him.

This week, Mack issued an anti-citizen statement on Facebook:

There’s an interesting aspect of Mack’s post. His comment that “true leaders are someone the people want to follow” would include Hitler and Lenin and exclude individuals who worked by themselves to achieve astounding results, such as Einstein, Mandela (for a long time), or even Walter Wilkerson, M.D. (for a long time).

Heroes do NOT include people who follow popular sentiments and utilize those sentiments to leapfrog themselves onto the shoulders of all others. That is precisely Wayne Mack’s behavior. That’s not leadership. That’s merely opportunism.

Just winning an election does not make someone a leader. Hitler, Lenin, and Kim did that. It’s what someone does after they win the election, or without winning an election at all, that defines true leadership. Look at the great accomplishments of County Clerk Mark Turnbull, who didn’t always go with the flow. Look at the great accomplishments of Brett Ligon, Judge Phil Grant, and Judge Patty Maginnis, who also didn’t go with the flow but brought about change by doing some things that weren’t always the most popular.

Turnbull, Ligon, Grant, and Maginnis are people who show leadership after they’re elected. The election didn’t represent the leadership. Their actions afterwards were the leadership.

Hopefully, Mack has it in his heart to become a leader rather than an opportunist.



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