Editorial: Wayne Mack defined himself this week as the enemy of citizens unless they pledge fealty to him, to paying taxes, to paying tolls, and to red light cameras

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Wayne Mack, the embattled JP, communicated through his County-paid Court Coordinator a firm message to the citizens of Montgomery County who don’t like taxes, red light cameras, or tolls. “Move, move out of the county. Find a county where you don’t have taxes or red light, red light cameras or tolls…,” Mack told us through his angry court coordinator who, in utter agitation, turned to a large group of conservatives sitting in the Commissioners Court meeting while she, on behalf of Mack, spoke.

It’s not surprising that Mack wants people who aren’t fond of taxes, red light cameras, or tolls to leave Montgomery County. Mack has made clear that he despises any criticism of his actions so intensely that he’ll claim that “God hates” his critics as though Mack speaks for the Lord.

Mack’s court coordinator, with her copious bling, record-length nails, and vicious stare, made clear that only those people, who love the taxes, red light cameras, and tolls for which Mack, the Davenport Ring of corrupt politicians for whom Mack works, and County Judge Craig Doyal have made their careers, are welcome as citizens in this community under their elitist control.

Mack’s court coordinator cursing the critics of “taxes, red light cameras, and tolls” on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, in the Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

When Mack gave an interview to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, he apparently wasn’t telling his true beliefs when he said, “Government should fear us. We shouldn’t fear the government.”

Apparently, Mack and his court coordinator stand for the proposition that citizens aren’t welcome who don’t love taxes, tolls, and red light cameras.

When citizens on fixed incomes or citizens who work very hard for whatever income they might earn receive their property tax bills each October to ruin their holidays and threaten their financial well being, if the citizens don’t react with the joy that they may “give” to the money-hungry government of Mack’s choice, then each of us must think about moving out of this County, per Mack’s direction.

When citizens object to the proposed Tx-249 Tollway, which a small group of Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, and their criminal legal defense fund contributors want to aid them with their land speculation in the far southwest edge of Montgomery County, those citizens must think about moving out of this County, per Mack’s direction.

When citizens object to the use of red light cameras, which numerous courts have ruled are unconstitutional, then each of us must think about moving out of this County, per Mack’s direction.

In the mean-spirited world of Wayne Mack, the narcissistic guardian of Big Government, citizens are slaves to Mack and that Big Government and must tithe to them always. In Mack’s world, you better fear the government if the government is Wayne Mack.




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