Editorial: Way to go, Mark! (Sunday after noon should be “Mark Keough Day” in Montgomery County.)

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough (left) with GOP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed (right) celebrating Keough’s March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election victory. (At the time, Keough was a State Representative and Reed was a “raging dynamo” who was instrumental in Keough’s Primary victory.)

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Way to go, Mark Keough, Montgomery County Judge! Thank you for having the courage and integrity to reduce your government salary by more than 12% at the first Commissioners Court meeting, as you promised during the political campaign you would. Thanks also for voting against an inappropriate spending proposal and for voting against putting the wayward Charlie Riley in charge of the disgusting Montgomery County Toll Road Authority.

Not saying everything was perfect in your first two weeks as County Judge, but you’ve had a strong start. We need you to continue to stand up to:

  • Nepotism in the County government. It’s unethical regardless of the narrow statutory definition.
  • County vendors and potential vendors who want to butter up members of the Commissioners Court with campaign contributions, hunting trips, vacations, food, drink, and all sorts of inappropriate gifts in return for multimillion dollar contracts.
  • The massive overspending and overtaxation you talked about in so much detail during your campaign for Montgomery County Judge. We need to see a substantial reduction in spending (not the crazed Craig Doyal limits on spending growth.)
  • The forces of secrecy and closed government, such as County Commissioners who lock their offices to keep citizens out and who won’t communicate with the citizens, County Department offices that are locked behind closed doors to keep citizens out, and hiding public information.
  • Tollroads.

Your first two weeks appear to be a springboard to genuine reform. It was great that you even enlisted deeply troubled Precinct 4 County Commissioner James Metts to second your motion to reduce your salary and then to compliment you for your actions. While there was a story behind those comments and actions, it was still pretty nifty.

It was so sad when the Congress failed in fulfilling the “Contract with America” in 1995. You’ve given the citizens genuine hope that Mark Keough’s “Contract with Montgomery County” may be something you as our elected servant actually take seriously.

At 12 noon (after the Lord’s Sabbath), Sunday, January 13, 2019, should be “Mark Keough Day” in Montgomery County!

Thank you, Judge!



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