Editorial: Total War: Sorry, Senator Bob Hall, but CPS stealing children isn’t a big deal when government is the answer to every problem

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

We live in a society where government is the solution to which we look for every problem. When your response to your home suffering flooding during a major rainstorm is “why didn’t the government prevent this disaster from happening,” then you should fully expect that government will choose whether or not to take away your children and your grandchildren. We’re rapidly becoming ancient Sparta where government takes firm control over children at a young age and removes them from their parents who are little more than biological tools for procreation.

On Friday, July 12, 2019, one of the good guys in the Republican Party and in the Texas Legislature, Senator Bob Hall (Republican of Rockwall), released a report in which he complained about how Child Protective Services took away children from a family without any real justification after a 6-hour hearing in Kaufman County. There would seem to have been little or no due process. Most importantly, there was a seeming presumption in favor of removing children from parents and terminating the parental rights. (The entire report from Senator Hall is at the bottom of this article.)

If you have come to rely upon government as the solution to every problem, however, and if you are willing to sit back and watch as government increases spending always, then government is not the problem. You are the problem!

You better get used to the idea that, once you produce your children, they become the government’s.

Growth in population or inflation are not justification for bigger government. Government is already way too big. The fact that the Republican Party Platform excuses government growth in spending up to the amount of population growth plus inflation is nothing but a pretext for Republican officeholders to continue to rationalize their failure to address the absolute reality that government is already way too large in its spending, its activities, and our dependence on it.

Those perils are for real. Nevertheless, no one, literally no one, has the moral courage to reduce government by even one dollar. Literally, not by one dollar.
If we’re never going to reduce government size and power, then you should get used to the concept of more citizens losing a lot more than a “little bit of liberty.”
The turning point came for me when I sat in the House Appropriations Committee on March 18, 2019, to visit a friend who served on that committee during the 86th Texas Legislature. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I couldn’t believe that a room with a majority of Republicans sounded like the villains in Atlas Shrugged.
If the presumptive solution to every problem is to look to the government for a solution, then Senator Hall, his constituents, and all of us should sit back and get used to the concept that our children will remain our children only as long as the government grants us mercy. If government controls our lives, you should get used to the concept that all of the good in your life comes to you through the grace of government.
Sorry, everyone, but I don’t accept those axioms. Senator Hall voted for a much larger state budget in House Bill 1 during the 86th Texas Legislature. He voted for a school finance reform bill, House Bill 3, which greatly increases the size of the public education bureaucracy and increases the extent of state – as opposed to local – control over school districts. Senator Hall was, in fact, the only member of the Texas Senate who voted against the frightening Senate Bill 11, which has evoked so much controversy over school intervention into “mental health.”
Clearly, Senator Hall is one of the good guys. The Golden Hammer rated him higher than any other member of the Texas Senate during the 86th Legislative Session. Nevertheless, no one among elected servants has shown the moral courage or self-discipline to address the greatest moral problem of our time: the size of government.
We’re at war. We’re currently losing the war. That doesn’t mean we’re done yet, however.
This entire story is just a small part of the story.
Every time, your Commissioners Court, your Legislature, or your Congress votes to spend more money, “a little bit of liberty is lost for all citizens.” Losing your children is something with which you should become comfortable, because you may maintain custody of your children only at the mercy and grace of a government the growth and reach of which has become out of control.



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