Editorial: Today’s stories in The Golden Hammer are identical in theme

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

In today’s edition of The Golden Hammer, there are two stories: one about Terri Jaggers, the President of the Montgomery County Child Welfare Board, an adjunct Sam Houston State Professor, and head of two ostensible nonprofit foundations set up for orphans and foster children, who stole money from orphans, and one about Wally Wilkerson, the County GOP Chairman whom the vast majority of elected Precinct Chairs no longer support, attempting to trick the public into giving him money to support his office overhead and pay for his private secretary while calling it a “fundraiser” with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Kevin Brady as the headliners.

In reality, they’re the same story.

Both stories involve out-of-touch elected politicians who don’t remember from where they got their power and to whom they have their duty 100%.

Terri Jaggers misused public money made available to her from politicians who loved the ego-massaging she gave to them. She fooled them into making her President of the Child Welfare Board and giving her Board substantial County tax dollars as a budget. She fooled them into making video endorsements of her fundraising. She fooled them into attending and sponsoring her fundraisers. She fooled Brady into dubbing her “the JJ Watt of Foster Care in Texas.”

Terri Jaggers was a dream come true for elected politicians. She came to praise them. The only reason for which she’d stick her neck out was to defend the politicians who propped up her money empire built on the backs of orphans, children in foster care, and families who lost their children to the foster care system.

The Wilkerson fundraiser story is no different. Wilkerson has a collection of politicians who require an ego-massaging. He obliges and merely asks for them to pay him thousands of dollars in return. Dumb ol’ Charlie Riley and his ignorant, yet vicious, “campaign manager” are the perfect marks for Wilkerson.

For decades, Wilkerson has let those politicians fend for themselves in General Elections. Nevertheless, 2018 brought some major changes. The grassroots conservatives in 2018 finally had the votes both in the Republican Primary Election and in the County Republican Executive Committee to bring reform and disperse Wilkerson’s dictatorial control over the local Republican Party structure and money.

After Wilkerson’s duplicity came to the forefront last night, the Perfect Defender arose to defend him: the Family of Convicted Felons from Splendora with whom Wilkerson has become joined at the hip, because he’s had to reach for the bottom for allies. The Family of Convicted Felons, in fact one of the Felons who served a sentence in federal prison for stealing money from Katrina victims, tried to put the spin on the story that the grassroots conservatives were terrible, because they supposedly prevented the Republican Party from raising funds. Oh what a Perfect Defender she is for Wally.

The grassroots ran a General Election campaign without Wilkerson’s help or his money. The grassroots of Montgomery County, in fact, ran the most successful General Election of any suburban County in Texas. They alone delivered more than 40% of Cruz’s victory margin over Robert Francis O’Rourke. The elected politicians didn’t do much to help either, even though the General Election campaign directly benefitted them.

Jaggers and Wilkerson represent a power elite who don’t want the people who elected them interfering with their “work.”

Montgomery County’s grassroots conservatives are bringing change and reform. It’s not coming as quickly as many would want, but, believe me, it’s coming.

The elected politicians – the entire Montgomery County Commissioners Court, other local elected politicians, our Congressman, our Senators, and others – may want to go back to their original documents, which formed the United States, and recall the fundamental precept of American Constitutionalism:




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