Editorial: Three cheers for Republican Precinct Chairman and Steering Committee member Paul Gebolys!!!

Gebolys faced a table of convicted felons, sleazy GOP Precinct Chairs known as “RINOs”, and a disgraced County GOP Chairman on Saturday, February 2, 2019, by himself on their home turf at Coal’s Smokehouse in East Montgomery County. They stuck a video camera in his face the whole time and tried to spin the meeting on two sleazy blogs. Gebolys didn’t give them an inch.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Three cheers for elected Republican Precinct Chairman Paul Gebolys from The Woodlands!!! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Gebolys did precisely what conservatives MUST do to win the war of ideology in the United States: he met with liberal, BIG GOVERNMENT advocates who tried to scare him into submission. Gebolys didn’t concede one inch!!!

The Montgomery County Republican Party should be proud of Paul Gebolys, who is also an elected Steering Committee member and appointed Area Chairman. Look at what actually happened.

A sleazy thug from East Montgomery County sent three Republican Steering Committee members the following email out of the clear blue fog:

“Gentlemen, The meeting place has been set, Coal’s Smokehouse-Splendora, 25069 FM 2090 West, Splendora, TX 77372. Time: 12:00 pm Noon. Date: February 2, 2019. Paul Gebolys had messaged me before Christmas and said that he and the other members of the Steering Committee would meet with me after the first of the year. I have left messages with no return call. This meeting is for both sides to fix our Republican Party. I have reached out to both sides of the party and you both have agreed to meet. Please let respond to this email and let me know who will be attending this meeting. I look forward to seeing you there on February 2, 2019 at Noon.”

That’s not an invitation. It’s a command. Gebolys went by himself, because the thug had obviously scheduled the meeting for a date, time, and location where he knew others wouldn’t attend. A major Conservative Leadership Conference was long scheduled for the entire day on February 2 in Spring.

Gebolys attended the meeting by himself. He faced off with:

  • “Disgraced” GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson;
  • Three of the sleaziest Republican Precinct Chairs who disrupt meetings with screams and shouts when they attend;
  • At least five convicted felons and one convicted misdemeanant;
  • A Family of Felons who openly declare they’re democrats and work closely with Wilkerson and shoved a video camera in Gebolys’ face during the entire meeting; and
  • A group that tries to pretend they’re a gang many of whose members come from counties other than Montgomery County.

It was hardly a group of Republicans. It certainly wasn’t a group that had any authority whatsoever to “fix our Republican Party.” Golly, even Wilkerson claims that the organization he claims to lead is “not a part of the Republican Party.”

Gebolys is 74 years old. He’s slight, meek, and soft-spoken. The group wouldn’t allow Gebolys to get a word in edgewise. First, the thugs lectured Gebolys and threatened conservative Republicans with some sort of coming retribution. Second, one of the sleazy Republican Precinct Chairs told Gebolys that the Montgomery County Republican Party can no longer operate under power by the voters and the activists but must be “just one person calling the shots.” The sleazy Precinct Chair wants a dictatorship by Wilkerson, as the Party has operated for half a century while excluding conservatives and others who dare to support the Republican Party Platform, which Wilkerson and his few remaining allies vehemently oppose.

Meeting with BIG GOVERNMENT liberals is the only way to change their hearts and minds. Gebolys did the right thing, even though they wouldn’t allow him to speak.

The Publisher of this newspaper has met with Communists, democrats, Republicans In Name Only, and even Charlie Riley. That’s the only way one can ever have a chance of convincing those people of the folly of their ideas.

One of the problems with many Republican groups is that they don’t go into the field. Instead, they attend their luncheons at high brow clubhouses, sneer at those not in attendance, but don’t dare to talk with others to try to convince them to adopt different views.

Gebolys handled the meeting almost perfectly. Conservatives should thank him for his courage and his fortitude.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Way to go, Paul Gebolys!!!




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