Editorial: The “no mandate rule”: Americans should NEVER vote for any incumbent politician who has enacted any COVID-19 “mandate”

Editorial Board, The Golden Hammer

In the 2022 elections, Americans should adopt the “no mandate rule” as a bright light initial test whether to vote for an incumbent politician running for re-election. The “no mandate rule” is that “Americans should NEVER vote for any incumbent politician who has enacted any COVID-19 ‘mandate.'”

It’s that simple as an initial litmus test.

Any elected executive who has instituted mandates:

  • Has violated the Constitution Doctrine of Separation of Powers, requiring the legislature to approve laws before the executive may sign them and enforce the laws;
  • Has abused the claimed public health crisis as a pretext for expansion of government power; and
  • Has violated many rules and provisions in federal and Texas law.

While COVID-19 has resulted in more deaths than other forms of the flu, there remain serious questions whether the greater incidence of deaths has actually resulted from the generally poor treatment of the disease by healthcare providers, such as profound overuse and abuse of ventilators in hospitals and the questionable drug Remdesivir. What is clear, however, is that the panic by politicians in early 2020 resulted from their over-reaction to statistically-lacking public health prognostications of deaths and illnesses in the United States, in Texas, and in localities.

Who are clear examples of politicians who have adopted and enforced illegal mandates?

#1 Joe Biden, the President who, by edict, has implemented a regulation requiring all businesses of over 100 employees to require all of their employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine, or subject themselves to weekly testing and mask requirements, or lose their jobs. Biden implemented his edict through an illegal and unauthorized regulatory framework under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

#2 Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, who, by multiple Executive Orders, beginning on March 30, 2020, shut down businesses, closed churches, and destroyed livelihoods of millions of Texans.

#3 Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, who, by his March 27, 2020, mandate, shut down businesses, closed churches, and destroyed hope for hundreds of thousands of residents in Montgomery County, where the unemployment rate skyrocketed to twenty-five percent (25%) within weeks of his illegal shutdown.

#4 Harris County Judge Lina Hildalgo, Keough’s mentor and exemplar, who on March 24, 2020, shut down businesses, closed churches, and destroyed hope for millions of Harris County residents.

None of these scofflaws deserve re-election. They’ve exhibited a fundamental lack of understanding in how government must enact laws. They’ve attempted to usurp criminal laws for their own political gain. They destroyed lives, caused countless suicides, and obliterated businesses and churches.

Voters must do what is right in 2022: follow the “no mandate rule.”




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