Editorial: the illness from which democrats suffer is not dementia

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The illness from which democrats suffer is not dementia. Dementia is the loss of short-term memory.

We’re seeing a deep problem in democrats and the democrat Party in the discussion about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Northam, while in medical school at the age of twenty-five (25), published a deeply-racist photograph including a man with black face and another in a Ku Klux Klan hood standing next to each other.

Now, of course, the democrats are defending Northam with the argument that those were “youthful indiscretions” and that we should judge a man by who he is today rather than his mistakes 35 years ago.

Brett Kavanaugh?! Hypocrisy?

Clearly, democrats don’t have dementia. They suffer from Chronic Hypocrisy.

Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged wrongdoing occurred when he was a teenager, a time in people’s lives when they suffer from raging hormones. It’s becoming clear that the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh never actually even occurred. Nevertheless, if they had occurred, it was an important argument to look at them in the context of where Kavanaugh was in life in contrast to his extraordinary career as an adult who is a jurist, a parent, and a devout Catholic and philanthropist.

Nevertheless, Northam’s unethical and racist conduct occurred when he had already passed out of his teenage years. He was a medical student at the time. He revealed a lack of sensitivity and outright racism when he was already an adult.

Does that mean that Northam is irredeemable? Actually, no. Nevertheless, Northam has a higher bar that he must meet to show that he changed and reformed into an adult who has the sensitivity which maturity brings.

The democrat Party, however, clearly needs a lot more maturing, which is a process which requires a lot more time than they have before the next election cycle in 2020.

What “feels off” with Pocahontas

A primary example of the hypocrisy of democrats is Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren, who tried to claim Native American ancestry and then sought to prove it through a DNA test which showed she had well under 1% such ancestry. Rightly, it was an affront an insult to real Native Americans. It was the 2018 equivalent of Rachel Dolezal who sought job opportunities and political advancement by claiming she was African-American as President of the Spokane NAACP when, in fact, she is Caucasian.

Warren has desperately sought to throw off this problem as she tries to run for President by making a private apology. The apologies from Warren don’t work. Her manipulative behavior occurred when she was a very mature adult and very recently.

Warren is “sorry” because she got caught and called to terms. She’s not sorry that she attempted the crass manipulation which has not gotten her into political trouble.

It “feels off” when politicians, such as Elizabeth Warren try to do the right thing only when citizens call them to ethical conduct.



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