Editorial: The Golden Hammer’s ratings of Commissioners Court meetings about to begin again; beware because they’ll be brutal

Dirty dealing in government must come to an end. The citizens must shine the light.

Kelli Ann Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, will continue its popular ratings of Commissioners Court meetings over the next few days. We will continue the ratings for Fiscal Year 2020, which began on October 1, 2019. Our last article providing ratings published on December 17, 2019, concerning the second Commissioners Court meeting of the Fiscal Year on October 22, 2019. Therefore, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Please take heed: these ratings articles will be brutal. Our Commissioners Court is completely out of control. Mark Keough, the County Judge, wants everyone to get along, so they can work together. The net impact is that the Commissioners Court has continued to spend tax dollars without oversight and without restraint.

After our County government took actions to destroy our local economy, and followed the lead of other governmental entities in joining in the economic devastation, one might think they’d be a bit sensitive with respect to how they spend our money in the form of tax dollars. So far, there has been no sign of such sensitivity. Rather, they just want to act in executive sessions and behind secretive doors.

The members of the Commissioners Court seem to believe they can do whatever they want without consulting their constituents. That was the subject of our last ratings article on December 17, “Riley’s defensiveness about unpopular thoroughfare projects he put on Major Thoroughfare Plan casts negative pall over Commissioners Court meeting.”

Being one of the most conservative communities in the United States, one might think that our Commissioners Court and our County Judge would have shown some Constitutional conservatism in their actions in response to the Chinese coronavirus fear-mongering from federal agencies and the liberal news media. Instead, our County Judge seemed to follow the lead of liberal Democrat Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. In the one instance when Judge Keough dared to question the Governor’s shutdown orders two weeks ago, he backed down less than 48 hours later.

Clearly, we need strong leadership in Montgomery County, which fights for free markets, Constitutional conservatism, and fiscal restraint. That leadership must come from vigilant citizens, because our elected leaders don’t seem up for the task.

If you, as a reader of this newspaper, have concerns about specific issues which came before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court during the past seven months, please email us your concerns at goldenhammermoco@gmail.com. Similarly, if you have opinions or thoughts about the County’s COVID-19 response, please send them to us at that email address as well.

The Golden Hammer fights for citizen vigilance. Therefore, we want to hear from you, so that we may reflect your concerns in our reports.



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