Editorial: Schools exist to teach basics, not sex, not “diversity” or other social agendas

Public schools don’t exist to teach the (absence of) morality of this photograph.

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Apparently, the Superintendent, Willis High School Principal, and Board of Trustees of the Willis Independent School District (WISD) have forgotten their basic purpose. Public schools exist to teach reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Not to invite drag queens into the classroom to teach cosmetology.

Schools exist so the children of our community will receive the basic educational skills they’ll need when they become adults. The parents of children are to guide them morally and teach them what they should expect in life.

In other words, public schools don’t exist to teach a moral agenda. Parents don’t have the responsibility to teach public school children basic educational skills. That’s how our community works with respect to these issues.

Nevertheless, last night, I heard a lot of confusion among some purple-haired parents, gay rights activists, and ultraliberal school administrators. They argued during citizen comments before the WISD Board that schools should teach the gay agenda, “diversity,” and other social agendas.

It’s bad enough that children waste their time in a cosmetology class at all and then graduate functionally illiterate from Willis High School. What’s worse is that Willis High School Principal Stephanie Hodgins no longer believes the core purpose of a cosmetology class is even to teach cosmetology. Instead, its purpose, in Hodgins’ skewed world, is to foster Hodgins’ liberal social agenda, even if that includes inviting a sexually-oriented adult entertainer into the classroom. Hodgins seemed downright cocky. The school board should terminate her.

WISD and its administrators clearly don’t understand the purpose of their existence: to provide education, not indoctrination.

It’s time they turn the focus of public education back to education rather than to an agenda of unelected government administrators. That’s why we pay them our tax dollars.




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