Editorial: Republican candidates should understand how strong the “grassroots” reforms have made Montgomery County Republican Party

Editorial: Republican candidates should understand how strong the “grassroots” reforms have made Montgomery County Republican Party

Image: The July 11, 2019, Resolution of the Montgomery County Republican Party, which denounced the Republican Voters of Texas PAC.

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

At the North Shore Republican Women Candidate Forum on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, several neophyte political candidates, whom a deceptive organization known as the “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” (or “RVTPAC”) recently endorsed, repeated the “establishment” mantra that we need to “unify” the Montgomery County Republican Party. None of the candidates disclosed – and, perhaps, didn’t know that the Montgomery County Republican Party explicitly denounced and censured the so-called “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” on July 11, 2019, in a meeting of the Party’s County Executive Committee, composed of all of the elected Republican Precinct Chairs.

In June, 2018, the County Executive Committee (CEC) adopted new Bylaws which dispersed authority among the Precinct Chairs rather than keeping it centralized in the hands of the County Republican Chairman. This dispersal of authority greatly energized grassroots activists and brought hundreds of new volunteers into the Republican Party, because people recognized the opportunity to make a difference in an organization which took their ideas seriously and acted upon them.

The result of the newly-energized Republican Party was that Montgomery County was the one suburban county in Texas which successfully beat back the wave of New democrat voters. Instead of losing votes to democrats, Montgomery County alone delivered 42% of United States Senator Ted Cruz’s statewide victory margin in the November 2018 General Election.

Sadly, the political “establishment” chose to sit out of the work to win the November, 2018, General Election. County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson, Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley, Riley’s party planner campaign manager, and a large group of government insiders decided not to help. Wilkerson refused to make any Republican Party funds available to help Republicans win the General Election, so the grassroots raised all of the money separately through their own Steering Committee PAC.

But then along came the RVTPAC, which ultimately endorsed and worked for a number of democrats running for office in the November 2018 General Election.

Who is RVTPAC? It’s the same group of disaffected government insiders who are upset that grassroots activists within the Republican Party have taken charge and have made the Republican Party stronger than ever.

As far as “unification,” the grassroots activists have welcomed everyone into the Republican Party. The tent is bigger than ever, because it’s the Republican Party Platform which has successfully unified Republican voters behind President Trump in his stunning 2016 President Election victory and because it contains broad doctrines which define what it really means to be a Republican. The government insiders don’t like the Platform, because they’re more focused on their power than on doing right by the people.

Ultimately, when you hear candidates say the Montgomery County Republican Party needs to “unify,” what most of them are really saying is “hand power back to the political establishment.” Clearly, the voters and the people of Montgomery County and of Texas don’t want that.



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