Editorial: Reid Apley should remember his father H Scott Apley as a man and also as a legend

Editorial: Reid Apley should remember his father H Scott Apley as a man and also as a legend

Image: Reid (left) and his father H Scott Apley, April 24, 2021.

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, and Ashley Burke, Austin Bureau Chief, The Golden Hammer

H Scott Apley went into the arms of the Lord on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, at the age of 45. He died from complications of the China Virus.

Scott left behind a loving family, especially his wonderful wife Melissa and their 5-month-old son Reid. To know Scott was to adore him. On a personal level, he was always kind, jovial, and intelligent.

Scott had recently won election to the Dickinson, Texas, city council and also served as a member from Senatorial District 11 on the State Republican Executive Committee.

In the kindest and most affectionate manner, Scott stood for his beliefs. Mostly, he knew that seeking freedom from government oppression forms the primary subject of the greatest fight Americans must face today. What government does, government does badly (outside of providing national defense and law enforcement, the real purposes of the government the people have formed.) Scott loved the ideas of former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul. Through the Ron Paul for President campaign, Scott formed a network of friends who were also political activists whom he enjoyed as colleagues in the fight for many years.

When Reid grows up to learn and understand who is father was, he should first know that his father left behind an intellectual legacy, which has positively impacted millions of Americans whom he has helped to learn about and understand the importance of freedom as the bedrock of American philosophy, but he should also know that:

  • H Scott Apley never treated a single person with personal disrespect or any degree of unkindness yet he also didn’t flinch from expressing his fundamental belief in the critical importance of liberty from government control over the lives of individuals.
  • H Scott Apley drew the respect of far more people than those from whom he drew ire over his pronouncements about government’s inconsistency and mis-information about the China Virus vaccines.
  • H Scott Apley judged the risk of taking the China Virus vaccine to exceed the risk of the illness. He correctly evaluated the risk, because the percentage of people who die or even suffer hospitalization from the China Virus remains quite low. The difference between a low risk and a guaranty is that, with a low risk, there remains a possibility that hospitalization or death may occur. H Scott Apley didn’t misjudge the risk. Rather, he was among the rare Americans who suffered complications from the illness and then died.
  • H Scott Apley enjoyed genuine love from others involved in politics, because he acted with such enormous affection and kindness towards everyone.
  • H Scott Apley is a legend, which means he is a famous person in a particular field. He stood for the ideas discussed above in a passionate and loving manner. Any animosity directed at him he ignored, because he knew that life is too short and too precious to waste energy on hatred, when God teaches us in His Scriptures that loving other people is one of His most important commandments.
  • Most importantly, H Scott Apley loved his son Reid and his wife Melissa. That love was so strong that it will endure long after he ascended to Heaven.



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