Editorial: President Trump needs to deliver on the border wall promise…and soon

Video footage of a group of Texas legislators, including Steve Toth, Republican of The Woodlands, meeting with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers on January 25, 2019, to receive a report about illegal immigration and the necessity of a border wall to protect Americans from drug cartels, human trafficking, and illegal immigration.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Americans who supported businessman Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for President of the United States on June 16, 2015, did so primarily for two reasons:

  • First, Trump is not a politician, doesn’t suffer from the insecurity of politicians, and has no interest in pandering to voters to get votes. He went to Washington, D.C., to drain it of the corruption, excess spending, and manipulation of Americans which is destroying the United States as a Nation and as a society.
  • Second, but the still the core issue of President Trump’s candidacy and his presidency, was construction of a border wall to help to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

We just went through a 32 day partial federal government shutdown. That shutdown provided many advantages in and of itself in the form of unnecessary government agency and program closures, reductions in spending on government contractors, and at least slowing down the growth of the federal bureaucracy, albeit for a brief period. At the same time, it created havoc with certain parts of the United States economy which, unjustifiably depend upon federal bureaucrats. During the past month, for example, it was very difficult to wire funds from one bank account to another, because that process requires assignment of an identification number for the wire by a bureaucrat in the Federal Reserve, an example of an completely unnecessary intrusion of the government into the economic life of our country.

Yesterday, President Trump ended the shutdown by signing a three-week continuing resolution to open the partially-shut-down portions of the federal government for that period while President Trump and a very do-nothing Congress – both democrats and Republicans – negotiate the future beyond that three weeks.

Some Republicans have hinted that President Trump has a trick up his sleeve, such as declaring a “national emergency” in order to build the wall with national defense funds without Congressional authorization. Hopefully not. The border wall is critical and central to what Americans want the federal government to do. Nevertheless, it does not justify trampling on the separation of powers and the limitation of powers doctrines within the United States Constitution.

Do we really need a border wall? The only people who don’t need a border wall are those who want illegal immigration for (1) increasing the number of illegal and fraudulent voters for democrats, (2) cheap and illegal labor under criminal hiring, (3) drug trade, and (4) human trafficking.

Does a border wall work? Yes. It worked when Israel wanted to stop illegal immigration. It worked in Berlin when the Communists wanted to divide and isolate the city during the Cold War. It worked in dozens of European borders where immigration and law enforcement officials seeks to stop illegal border crossings. Unless you have walked through a wall – either concrete or one made of steel slats – then you know that a border wall will work.

Last night, State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of The Woodlands, joined other Texas legislators for a tour of the border where they received a briefing from federal officials who told them that they stopped more than 700 attempted illegal border crossings by forcing – with a wall that partially obstructs a large area of the border – illegal immigrants to cross in narrower areas. That was one night!

Stopping drug trade, human trafficking, and illegal works coming across the border are the real reasons to stop border crossings from occurring.

And if you don’t believe that illegal immigration really occurs by people crossing over the border by walking or swimming illegally, you should know:

  • In Montgomery County, there are a number of members of the Sinaloa drug cartel. Ask “how did you get here?” Their answer is a laughing “nosotros caminamos.” (“We walked.”) They are scary people and not individuals whom legal immigration officials would likely admit into the United States. (It’s stunning that Sean Penn actually met in Mexico directly with “El Chapo” Guzman in Mexico in October, 2015.)
  • In Montgomery County, there are individuals with connections to the Los Zetas drug cartel. Some of their upper echelon own homes in The Woodlands. How have the cartel members gotten here? The answer is that the upper levels get here by plane or boat, but their acquaintances have repeatedly said, “las mulas cruzan.” (“The mules walk across.”) Local law enforcement officials agree.
  • In Montgomery County, law enforcement officials have arrested human traffickers, particularly along the Highway 59 corridor. How have they gotten here? The law enforcement officials have explained that many just walk across the border.

The border wall won’t solve the entire illegal immigration problem. Clearly, however, it will give federal, state, and local law enforcement officials an additional and important tool to stop illegal border crossings, just as it has in Europe, Israel, and elsewhere. Planes, boats, and tunnels will continue to challenge federal law enforcement officials, even with a border wall. Nevertheless, the wall will help considerably, especially in stopping human trafficking.

President Trump is our President. We should respect his office. But he works for us. We elected him to accomplish two critical missions, one of which was to get a border wall in place.

While I’m not willing to toss aside our Constitution to do that, I do expect the President to get that job done. If he expects my vote and my support in 2020, President Trump must fulfill his core promises. We should be cognizant of the obstructionism of democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. If getting the wall – and cleaning up Washington, D.C.,  require another, much longer shutdown of the federal government after three weeks, we all can live with that.



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