Editorial: Politicians shouldn’t be holding fundraisers between Labor Day and the General Election, unless they’re on the ballot in a contested race

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

This past February, a candidate whom I like and support decided he’d hold a fundraiser one week before the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Republicans across Montgomery County were scrambling to elect reformers across the county for Montgomery County, well known across Texas as the most corrupt of all counties.

I spoke with the candidate and urged him to delay his fundraiser until after the Primary Election. He wouldn’t. Therefore, in his honor, I gave a contribution to Mark Keough, who was running for the Republican nomination for Montgomery County Judge at the time. I hope my contribution helped Keough get over the finish line. He won handily and defeated a problem incumbent (Craig Doyal) by a 16 point margin.

On November 6, Republicans face an extraordinarily important election in Montgomery County. At the top of the ticket is Ted Cruz, the conservative leader who is running for re-election to the United States Senate. Cruz needs Montgomery County conservatives to turn out big for him to ensure that he wins by a strong margin over ultraliberal Robert O’Rourke, the Irishman posing as Hispanic who also has a record of ugly driving-while-intoxicated and burglary arrests. While Cruz easily has the single best voting record of any of the one hundred members of the United States Senate, O’Rourke seems to have little understanding of the serious national threat of illegal immigration, crime, and the massive tax dollar spending for which democrats are known. Senator Cruz’s re-election may mean the difference between Republicans or democrats holding the majority in the United States Senator during the next two years.

Nevertheless, democrat candidates are working hard to defeat Cruz and Republicans running throughout Montgomery County. Republican Nominee Mark Keough, who has a strong record as a conservative voting in the Texas House of Representatives, is running for County Judge against a democrat gay rights activist. Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Republican District Clerk Nominee Melisa Miller, and several others face democrats. The democrats are working very hard to confuse voters into believing that they’re something other than ultraliberal, pro-Big Government, pro-in-your-face-LGBTQ activists.

Meanwhile, Wally Wilkerson, who claims to be the County Chairman of what he used to claim was the Montgomery County Republican Party in order to take money from people who believed they were contributing to the Republican Party, is sitting on over $100,000 of funds that he refuses to spend to support the Republican slate in the November General Election. Wilkerson now claims he’s not “part of the Republican Party.” Wilkerson, however, won’t turn the funds over to Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer John Wertz.

Therefore, the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee is on its own, running an expensive campaign to support our Republican candidate slate and having to raise funds on its own to get the job done. Candidates such as Keough, Riley, Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Nominee Matthew Beasley, Republican Nominee for County Treasurer Melanie Pryor Bush, District 15 State Representative Nominee Steve Toth, and incumbent Republican State Representatives Will Metcalf and Cecil Bell are running against democrat challengers.

Meanwhile, there are at least three incumbent Republican officeholders, who are not even on the ballot this November, who have decided to hold fundraisers between Labor Day and the November 6 General Election. None of those officeholders are raising money for the Republican Nominees. Rather, they’re raising money for themselves to stash into campaign war chests.

They’re taking money away from Republican candidates and the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee who should receive the contributed funds instead.

Dale Inman, a Republican Precinct Chairman and the Chairman of the Victory 2018 Steering Committee for the Montgomery County Republican Party said on Facebook yesterday, “I’d like to respectfully suggest to all the candidates not on the ballot this November, please refrain from having fundraisers. You’re taking money away from candidates who are on the ballot this November. This public service announcement brought to you by a friendly Republican.”

Montgomery County’s Dale Inman shook hands with grassroots conservative leader and Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey on June 15, 2018, at the 2018 Republican State Convention in San Antonio.

Politicians, who aren’t even on the ballot until 2020, shouldn’t be holding fundraisers just as 2018 candidates are in the midst of their election contests and scrambling to raise money to win.

Those politicians can and should wait until after November 6, 2018. Then it’ll be their turn.



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