Editorial: Please get ready for the most important election in which you’ve ever had the chance to participate

221st District Judge Lisa Michalk (left) administered the Oath of Office of conservative Republican activist Dale Inman (right) on Friday, November 16, 2018, in the Boardroom of the Conroe Independent School District.

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, and Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer

Please get ready for the most important election in which you’ve ever had the chance to participate. This election is far more significant than the election of the President, Governor, United States Senators or Congressmen, the Mayor, or City Council. This election will determine the entire future of the United States and, perhaps, even all of western society.

The most important election ever is the next election for your local school board.

We can no longer view school board elections as pleasant choices of friends with whom we attend church, so we know they’re good people. We’ve followed that method for decades. School boards have failed us. The nice people from church are too nice and don’t know how to confront true adversity.

We can’t afford to be apathetic. Public schools have become propaganda dens where leftist teachers and curriculum coordinators are churning our children through not-so-subtle ideology to make them ardent advocates of:

  • Collectivism rather than individualism;
  • Racism and creating adversity between white and people of color, now pushed from the latter under the name of “critical race theory”;
  • The concept that what the government says is always what we should accept, both factually and philosophically;
  • Acceptance of gay and lesbian relationships as a form of “marriage”;
  • Promotion of transgenderism, the alteration of the English language, and the expectation that we reject biological imperatives;
  • Anti-Americanism;
  • Anti-capitalism;
  • Socialism (actually akin to the 1917 version of Leninism).

Mainstream communities have lost control of public schools. That is apparent.

Who should we blame? Those nice friends of ours who attend church with us whom we have elected to school boards.

In Texas, there are 1,029 school districts. Every single one of those school districts suffer from the same problem. The members of the Board of Trustees accept vast amounts of information fed to them from administrators without questioning or investigating for themselves. They approve multi-billion budgets without any challenge. They don’t have open deliberation in Board meetings. They conduct most of their business in “executive sessions” under the guise of receiving advice from attorneys whose real loyalty is to the administration rather than to the community which the Board serves.

The outright disregard, laziness, and failure of school boards to ensure public school curricula and budgets reflect their local community values are precisely the reason that ultra-leftist teachers and administrators have seized control of the minds of American children.

Should children wear masks, engage in remote learning, or play football? Those questions are completely unimportant, when schools are failing to educate children consistently with the values of their local communities and when schools fail to teach and ensure learning of basic subjects (reading, writing, grammar, mathematics, American history, world history, how government works).

It’s time for citizens, taxpayers, voters, parents, and activists, whichever group with which you identify, to elect tough individuals who don’t care about politics but who do care about educating children without political indoctrination.





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