Editorial: Montgomery County enjoyed a historic day for reform on June 26, 2018

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

June 26, 2018, will undoubtedly go down in the history books as Reform Day in Montgomery County, Texas. After two decades of fighting to bring the power back to the people of this community and pull it away from the establishment elites who fight for exclusion rather than inclusion, two major and historical events occurred yesterday.

Undoubtedly, the biggest event on Reform Day (June 26) occurred in the Montgomery County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee, the organizational meeting of the elected Precinct Chairs. After Wayne Mack swore them in, the group, which grassroots, pro-Reform, conservatives now dominates, proceeded to adopt new Bylaws that decentralize power and put it squarely into the hands of the voters of the Republican Party.

The passage of the new Bylaws was the giant progress that occurred. The wonderful signs of progress that occurred thereafter were breathtaking. First, the County Executive Committee elected 22-year-old Reagan Reed as Executive Vice Chairman of the Party by a unanimous vote. Reed is the youngest County Vice Chairman in all of Texas and a brilliant electoral strategist and organizer. The unanimity of the vote reflected the great respect of every person in the room towards Reed.

Afterwards, the Party elected its other officers: Rachel Bingham as Secretary, John Hill Wertz as Treasurer, and a wonderful steering committee of Precinct Chairs committed to successful unity of the Republican Party behind the Platform and the candidates who stand upon it.

Dr. Walter Wilkerson, Jr., the County Republican Chairman gave a very dignified speech. There is no doubt that Wilkerson and Reed and the entire leadership team will work very well together.

Earlier in the day, but actually in the same room, the public meeting room of the Commissioners Court, grassroots conservative leader Ginger Russell, a Republican Precinct Chair from Magnolia, gave the first “Citizens Golden Hammer Award” to elitist and anti-citizen County Judge Craig Doyal, whom Republican voters rejected in the March 6 Republican Primary Election, and to Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador.

Not only was the event historic because it was the first “Citizens” version of the Golden Hammer Award but also Russell uncovered a major scandal in the Montgomery County government in which the County government essentially agreed to engage in private real estate development to benefit a major political backer of Doyal and Meador. Worse yet, the private development is inside of the city limits of the City of Conroe, so that the County government had very little business conducting operations in there at all.

We should remember June 26, 2018, as Reform Day in our community. While the citizens have worked towards these reforms for many years, for two such outward signs of positive development to occur on the same day in the same room in Conroe was a great sign that the hard work of grassroots leaders such as Julie Turner, Pat Tibbs, Ginger Russell, Kelli Cook, and Steve Toth is starting to pay off with vast benefits to the citizens of this amazing community.

What great signs of UNITY behind the Republican Party Platform and the Party leadership! What great signs of UNITY among the citizens for reform of our County government!



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