Editorial: Let’s move past the Chinese Coronavirus scare

The rate of mortality of Chinese Coronavirus is very low. Source: Texas Department of Health Services.

Kelli Ann Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Around March 25, 2020, government officials panicked. They told us a hundred million people in the United States would contract the Chinese Coronavirus and we’d witness 3 million or more deaths. They obtained their information from biased government scientists excited about the prospect of spending trillions of tax dollars in programs which they managed.

Government shut down businesses, prohibited worship in churches, ordered individuals to stay at home, and, in some localities, ordered individuals to wear face masks. At this newspaper, we are sad that people lost their lives from the Chinese Coronavirus. We’re also sad that people lost their lives as a result of government shutdowns most of which occurred without legal authority and in violation of the United States Constitution. The deaths spurred at the direct hand of government officials’ panicked actions are circumstances between them and God.

Government officials felt that the panic of the Chinese Coronavirus even gave them some sort of authority to try to bully newspapers, such as this one, into towing their official line. (Don’t worry. The Golden Hammer fiercely resisted them.)

Now, the real problem confronting Texans and Americans is the terrible fallout from the governmental panic. Millions have lost their jobs. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses may never come back. Children have lost schooling. The elderly have lost contact with their families during the most precious times of their lives.

For the foregoing reasons, The Golden Hammer will no longer cover the Chinese Coronavirus as news. It’s no longer news. Clearly, it was a scare tactic for the advocates of government largesse.

The real story is about the efforts of individual Americans, especially Texans, to fight against government interference to restore our lives to those we enjoyed and to restore our hope we had before government literally wrecked American society and the American economy. That’s what we’ll cover. That’s what we’ll report.

Rest assured. The Golden Hammer will be merciless when it comes to unnecessary government spending and taxation. We will be merciless when it comes to government interference in free markets.

If the negative price of oil last week didn’t reveal to you how bad government is at managing economic activity, you suffer from a cognitive disorder.



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