Editorial: Kevin Brady, don’t vote to keep the government open unless the border wall gets full funding!!!

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Dear Congressman Kevin Brady, please don’t vote to keep the federal government open, unless the border wall gets full funding. If you vote to keep the government afloat without the border wall, it’ll be your worst vote ever: even worse than all of your votes in favor of funding for Planned Parenthood, even worse than your vote for TARP, even worse than your votes for federal government bailouts of private companies, and even worse than your votes for increased spending.

If you vote to keep the government afloat without the border wall, it’ll be the last straw. You’ll send a clear message that you don’t represent the citizens of the Eighth Congressional District. Instead, you’ll tell us clearly that you represent a bizarre group of members of the Congress, which includes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Republicans presently control majorities in both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. President Trump made clear last week during a publicly-televised meeting with Pelosi and Schumer in the Oval Office that he would not sign a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government, if the House and the Senate did not include the $5 billion of funding necessary to construct a border wall.

Not only did President Trump win election with the border wall as the centerpiece of his campaign but also the Republican National Convention adopted it as a Plank in the National Republican Party Platform in 2016:

Our highest priority, therefore, must be to secure our borders and all ports of entry and to enforce our immigration laws. That is why we support building a wall along our southern border and protecting all ports of entry. The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

I attended two different campaign events during the 2016 election where you, Congressman Brady, assured Republican voters that you would insist on the funding and construction of a border wall.

United States Congressman Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, made a terrific point in a Tweet last night:

Tweet of United States Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), December 19, 2018.

Congressman Jordan’s hashtag is correct: you should DO WHAT YOU SAID.

Last week, in “Montgomery County’s Leaders Mirror Overwhelming Community Support For President Trump’s Position That Congress Must Fund The Border Wall To Avoid December 21 Government Shutdown,” The Golden Hammer, December 13, 2018, this newspaper asked the question, “…do you support President Trump’s proposal to build a border wall? Why or why not? Would you support a federal government shutdown, if necessary, to get that done? Why or why not? Thanks.”

A number of community leaders responded all of whom supported a government shutdown if Congress didn’t vote to provide the $5 billion of funds necessary for the border wall, including:

  • Betty Anderson, Republican Precinct Chair, longtime Christian and political activist;
  • Jon Bauman, Vice President, Texas Patriots PAC;
  • Brian Boniface, Woodlands Township Board member and operating room nurse;
  • Jon Bouche, Precinct 35 Republican Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee member, and member of the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District;
  • John Brown, Woodlands Township Board member;
  • Melanie Pryor Bush, Montgomery County Treasurer-Elect;
  • Precinct 1 Montgomery County Constable Philip Cash;
  • Kelli Cook, conservative political activist, Montgomery County Republican Party “2018 Volunteer of the Year”;
  • James Dickey, State Republican Party Chairman;
  • Harry Hardman, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Vice President;
  • Rand Henderson, Montgomery County Sheriff;
  • Dale Inman, Conroe ISD Board member and Baptist preacher;
  • Chris Jones, Precinct 5 Montgomery County Constable;
  • Adrian Kaiser, Precinct 66 Republican Chairman;
  • Mark Keough, Montgomery County Judge-Elect;
  • J.D. Lambright, Montgomery County Judge;
  • Bill O’Sullivan, “The Sage” and Texas Patriots PAC Treasurer;
  • Mark Ramsey, State Republican Party Executive Committeeman, Senatorial District 7;
  • Reagan Reed, Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman;
  • Bruce Rieser, Woodlands Township Director;
  • Larry Rogers, Republican Precinct Chairman, Montgomery County Tea Party PAC Chairman, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member;
  • Ginger Russell, Republican Precinct Chair, renowned conservative activist, “The Quiet Lady From Magnolia”;
  • Alan B. Sadler, Montgomery County Judge;
  • Ron Saikowski, renowned civil engineer, wine expert, Republican activist;
  • Pat Tibbs, Montgomery County Tea Party President;
  • Steve Toth, State Representative-Elect;
  • John Hill Wertz, Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer, Republican Precinct Chairman, Montgomery County Tea Party Vetting Committee Chairman;
  • Walter West, II, State Republican Executive Committeeman, Senatorial District 4;
  • Walter Wilkerson, Jr., M.D., Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman; and
  • Allison Winter, State Republican Executive Committeewoman, Senatorial District 4.

That’s an impressive group of people for whom neither this newspaper nor this editorial speaks. What you should know, however, is that the more impressive group of people are the overwhelming majority of your constituents who clearly support a government shutdown if you don’t give President Trump the full border wall funding.

The weak Republicans in Congress – in the House Republican Conference and in the Senate – will destroy the popularity of President Trump with his base of political supporters. You’ll destroy your own popularity with your own base (although you’ve told many people you don’t intend to run again in 2020, so perhaps you don’t care.)

Your vote to keep the government funded and open despite no funding for the border wall will send a clear message that you don’t fit the values of Montgomery County, because you’ve adopted an “inside the Beltway” mentality. You don’t keep your promises. You certainly won’t be representing the citizens.

If you vote for a continuing resolution which does not include the full funding for a border wall, here’s what we’ll know about Kevin Brady and your campaign team:

  • You lied to us about holding fast to funding for the border wall;
  • You don’t represent us but instead represent Pelosi and Schumer;
  • You’re willing to destroy President Trump’s political base for momentary political expediency.

Please vote to shut the federal government down, if President Trump doesn’t receive the full $5 billion of funding for the border wall both he and you promised to us, Congressman Brady.

Press Release, June 27, 2018, from Congressman Kevin Brady saying he “stands with President Trump to build wall.”




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