Editorial: It’s time for voters to send that final nail into the political “establishment’s” coffin in the March 3 Republican Primary Election

Voters can send that final nail into the Montgomery County political “establishment’s” coffin with the election of Billy Graff as Precinct 1 County Commissioner, Jon Bouche as County Republican Party Chairman, and Eric Yollick as 457th District Judge.

Kelli Ann Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Rampant nepotism, overspending, burdensome property taxation, and vendor conflicts of interest remain serious problems in the Montgomery County government.

In 2018, Montgomery County Republican Primary Election voters began to shift the County government away from the control of the political “establishment” with the election of conservative reformers Mark Keough as Montgomery County Judge to replace the left-leaning Craig Doyal, Melanie Bush to replace the corrupt and troubled Stephanne Davenport as County Treasurer, and Matthew Beasley as Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace to succeed the venerable but retiring Edie Connelly. Tomorrow, March 3, 2020, voters have the opportunity to bring the “good ol’ boys'” rule to an end by electing three conservative reformers.

The election of Billy Graff as Precinct 1 County Commissioner would give conservatives the crucial third vote, out of five, they’ve needed for a long time to bring spending reductions, property taxation reductions, and governmental openness to the Montgomery County government. Graff has shown that he is eminently more qualified than his opponent, who is a hand-picked successor who has made clear he will bring little change or relief to taxpayers.

If voters elect Jon Bouche as Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman, they’ll choose a talented leader who has a knack for exciting volunteers who want to work to make the Montgomery County Republican Party stronger than it already is. Under Bouche’s direction, Montgomery County ran the strongest Republican Party general election campaign in all of Texas during 2018. As Republican Party Chairman, Bouche will have the opportunity to teach conservative values to the entire host of elected servants who run under the Republican banner.

Eric Yollick’s election as District Judge of the 457th District Court would cause the “establishment” to quake in their boots. He has fought for reform for a long time and has refused to back down from the trash talk of his political opponents. Yollick has made clear that he’ll save taxpayers a fortune by clearing the civil case backlog and that he’ll lean on the Montgomery County Auditor to bring genuine fiscal reform to the Montgomery County government as a whole through the oversight powers of the Board of District Judges on which he’d sit.

With these three extraordinarily strong candidates running, it’s no wonder that the “establishment” is all hyped up to defeat them at the ballot box. It’s the voters, however, not a special interest group, who have the right to make the decision. If voters continue to bring conservative reform to the Montgomery County government, Montgomery County will show the world that a conservative community can enact genuine change to reduce the burden of government on freedom-loving people.

It’s time to hammer that final nail in the “establishment’s” coffin and bring real reform, as Yollick, Bouche, and Graff have made clear they will do.



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