Editorial: In today’s voting, Americans should vote against all tyrants who used the Chinese Coronavirus as a pretext for government expansion

Editorial: In today’s voting, Americans should vote against all tyrants who used the Chinese Coronavirus as a pretext for government expansion

Image: The Chinese Coronavirus is – without question – the leading issue in the November 3 General Election. Every voter should vote against it in every race.

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

The leading issue in the November 3, 2020, General Election is the Chinese Coronavirus, the pretext for the greatest civil rights violations we have witness during the past half century. The so-called “pandemic” also formed the basis of one of the most blatant manipulation of voters and electoral outcomes we have ever witnessed, all of such manipulations are clear violations of the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In Texas, the panicked government reaction to the Chinese Coronavirus began in March of this year at the behest of county judges and mayors who used the “disaster” declaration as an alleged basis to begin writing their own laws without paying any credence to the Separation of Powers Doctrine and without any legislative input. County judges and mayors shut down businesses, closed down churches, picked winners and losers among their followers, destroyed family incomes, and mandated bizarre curfews, all without legislative authority and all without any basis other than irrational fear.

In Montgomery County, the County Judge’s destruction of businesses and many churches seems to be irreversible for those other than the largest or those who simply chose to ignore his illegal actions.

Unemployment reached 25% in many Texas locales. Suicides, family violence, heart attacks, and strokes skyrocketed. The deaths and destruction from the government mandates greatly exceeded the harm from the Chinese Coronavirus. Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping perpetrated one of the greatest destructions of competitive economies that any country has ever achieved.

The Chinese Coronavirus panic brought out government at its worst. Government officials made decisions in fear of what would happen if they failed to act decisively, even though they had no reliable information whatsoever on which to base those decisions. In Montgomery County, public health officials predicted between 1,000 and 5,000 deaths from Coronavirus with over 100,000 cases by April 21, 2020. The County Judge panicked and issued mandates only to discover that he had relied on as much factual basis as that upon which Chicken Little chose to purchase an umbrella.

In voting in today’s election, voters should NOT, under any circumstance, vote for any elected official who:

  • Issued a mandate for business closures;
  • Enforced a mandate for business closures;
  • Enforced a mask mandate;
  • Supported a mask mandate;
  • Supported the closure of churches by government;
  • Voted for any tax rate higher than the “effective tax rate” or “no new revenue tax rate.”

The foregoing criteria clearly show how important it is for everyone to vote to re-elect President Donald Trump. President Trump has always viewed the Chinese Coronavirus panic warily and with a steady interest in keeping the great American economy moving forward, even while and after he suffered from the illness himself. In contrast, former Vice President Joe Biden joined a chorus of other extreme liberals – Congressmen, Governors, and local politicians – who increased the size and spending of government throughout.

Let’s take a local example: Rand Henderson, Sheriff of Montgomery County. Sheriff Henderson claimed that he was a constitutional conservative when he ran for Sheriff in 2016. He won election and demonstrated his commitment to the Constitution during this time of “crisis.” Henderson made clear he would not enforce the mask mandate, that he opposed local mandates, and that his Sheriff’s Office would not take enforcement actions against local businesses who chose freedom over fear.

Sadly, Henderson is one of only few local leaders who took seriously their Oath of Office to defend and uphold the Constitution.

If you believe in American values, you believe in civil rights. Government trampled upon our civil rights during its panic over the virus. If you believe in freedom, then you likely recognize how ridiculous a pretext the Coronavirus now was with 20-20 hindsight.

Americans, who believe in freedom as the tantamount value which defines what it means to be an American, must vote without exception and without relent against any politician who succumbed to the Chinese Coronavirus panic.



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