Editorial: If Montgomery County moves towards blue, here’s the one man – Wally Wilkerson – who should shoulder the entire responsibility

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson has maintained close ties to the corrupt Davenport Ring, the corrupt politicians and elected officials who have followed the direction of corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport. Shown with Wilkerson is Davenport’s wife, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport who disgraced herself and her office and whom the voters rejected on March 6 in a landslide defeat of her terrible approach to her office.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Using sleazy underhanded tactics, Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson has attempt to cling to power and deny the voters their right to choose their leadership within the Republican Party. During the March 6 Republican Primary Election, Republican voters led a tidal wave of reform Precinct Chairs into the Republican Party’s County Executive Committee (comprised of those Precinct Chairs).

When those Precinct Chairs met in an organizational meeting on June 26, 2018, over which Wilkerson himself presided, they followed parliamentary procedure – which Wilkerson himself had dictated – to enact new bylaws, as the Rules of the Texas Election Code, the State Republican Party, and the Montgomery County Republican Party required.

Wilkerson, of course, didn’t like the new bylaws, so he immediately contacted the Texas County Republican County Chairmen Association (TRCCA) to get a legal opinion that the new bylaws were not valid.


The General Counsel of TRCCA, renowned election attorney Wade Emmert of Dallas, who himself had served as Dallas County Republican Party Chairman for six years, rendered a written legal opinion that Wilkerson didn’t like. Emmert upheld the validity of the new bylaws. Wilkerson hid the adverse legal opinion for over a month and lied to his closest associates that he had gotten a legal opinion holding that the bylaws are not valid. Wilkerson didn’t tell his allies about the Emmert legal opinion, which Wilkerson had requested. Instead, Wilkerson referred to verbal opinions of four attorneys who were either close political allies of Wilkerson or who were tied to them. Wilkerson plans to blow up the Republican Party on Tuesday, August 28, by ignoring the validly determined results of the June 26 organizational meeting and pretending that it never occurred.

Wilkerson has destroyed all of his own credibility among objective Republican voters. He’s made himself look like a fool. He’s acting like a fool.

With all of those terrible actions – and, by the way, many others – the worst part of Wilkerson’s behavior is that he’s just not doing his job as County Chairman nor has he done so for decades. The real job of a Republican County Chairman is to put together general election campaigns, so that Republicans organize and win elections.

Granted, thanks to the real estate developments in The Woodlands, Lake Conroe, East Montgomery County, and West Montgomery County that have brought in hundreds of thousands of Republican-leaning families, Wilkerson’s job should have been easy during those decades where Republicans easily dominated every general election. During that time, however, Wilkerson should have built a strong Republican organization with Precinct Chairs trained to get out Republican voters, block-walking citizen activists, telephone banks (which are still enormously effective to get out the vote), and social media technology to identify and excite Republican voters. Instead, Wilkerson sat in his dilapidated office in Conroe and collected money from elected officials to pay the rent and to pay his favored melinda fredricks for doing nothing.

During 2018, Montgomery County democrats have organized a serious general election campaign. They’ve nominated several ultra-liberal candidates for County and State offices. They’re actually running campaigns.

Since June 26, however, what has Wilkerson done? Nothing. He took a month off and changed the locks on the doors of the Republican Party Headquarters to keep Republicans who wanted to do work out. He’s hidden the financial books of the Party from elected Republican Party Treasurer John Hill Wertz, because Wilkerson fears what would happen if those books suffered exposure to the light of voter scrutiny of the massive money he’s squandered over two decades.

The Precinct Chairs have organized a strong Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee, which has already begun to take decisive action to fight for the entire slate of Republican candidates in the November General Election. Where is Wilkerson? Nowhere to be found. He’s done nothing other than tried to disrupt.

For decades, Wilkerson has demanded that conservatives “unify” behind him. Now, that the grassroots conservatives are the distinct majority of the Montgomery County Republican Party, Wilkerson refuses to unify behind them.

Why? Wilkerson doesn’t support the Republican Party’s Platform. He doesn’t support the Republican Party. He’s on a narcissistic power trip.

Wally Wilkerson is the best thing democrats found since sliced hardworking Americans’ incomes upon which they impose their taxes.



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