Editorial: I wish the FBI really would investigate (my name, phone #, email address provided below), so that Wilkerson’s divisive scams might come to an end

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Yesterday, I called Mr. Wally Wilkerson, the Montgomery County GOP Chairman, around 4 o’clock p.m. to interview him for a story I was investigating about where the money, which he would raise at an October 10 fundraiser under the name “Montgomery County Republican Party,” would go. Wilkerson angrily answered my questions, admitted the money was largely not going to fund the Republican General Election campaign but instead to pay his private secretary’s $3000/month salary and his office overhead, and added some additional angry comments. The story ran today as the Featured lead, “Wilkerson proceeds with bogus, unauthorized ‘Republican Party’ fundraiser, competes directly with authorized GOP fundraising efforts, tricks Congressman Brady into it,” The Golden Hammer, October 2, 2018.

The gist of this newspaper’s story is that Wilkerson has no authority to conduct that October 10 fundraiser and is actually taking money for his secretary’s salary and overhead which contributors likely believe is instead going to fund the Republican Party’s General Election campaign. Obviously, after I spoke with Wilkerson yesterday, he knew what The Golden Hammer‘s story would reveal today.

Early this morning, a lady who had volunteered in Wilkerson’s office contacted me but requested anonymity. She explained to me that immediately after Wilkerson hung the telephone up with me, he called someone and asked them to make up a story about how the FBI, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, was investigating the officially-sanctioned Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee, the only official Republican Party General Election campaign, and the Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC.

Less then three hours later after Wilkerson’s interview with me yesterday and after Wilkerson apparently contacted them, a family of convicted felons from East Montgomery County ran a story in their blog about how the FBI might be conducting some sort of investigation of the Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC.

Those efforts to hamper the work of the Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC emanated directly from Wilkerson. Interestingly, the wife of one of Wilkerson’s lawyers, John Pettit, showed up on social media last night to tout the false FBI story. Leslie Pettit is married to John Pettit. John Pettit is the attorney who represented Mr. Wilkerson during the Thursday, September 27, 2018, hearing before the State Republican Officials Committee just last week. Pettit share the FBI story on social media vociferously last night.

Let’s be very clear: I hope the FBI does conduct some sort of investigation into Wilkerson’s October 10 fundraiser. They’re welcome to investigate the Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC as well, although that PAC is entirely transparent and, unlike Wilkerson, is spending every penny it raises on the General Election campaign of the Montgomery County Republican Party. If the FBI would like to interview or contact me, they’re welcome to call me at my office at 281.363.3591 or contact me by email at ericyollick@swbell.net or at goldenhammermoco@gmail.com. I would love to discuss Wilkerson’s October 10 fundraiser, the fact that he’s snookered a United States Congressman to participate in it, the fact that Wilkerson has already taken money in as part of that unauthorized fundraiser, and the fact that he’s spending thousands of dollars on unauthorized items that the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee has not approved.

Bring it on.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to this situation about which the public should have knowledge.

Wilkerson has failed to run real general election campaigns since 1994. State Senator Michael Galloway narrowly lost re-election to a democrat in 1998 as a result of Wilkerson and the Montgomery County Republican Party sitting on their hands during his campaign. Since then, Wilkerson has been like a man standing in the rain. He’s taken credit for the rain just because he’s standing in it. The reality is that the real estate developers who have brought Republican-leaning suburban families to Montgomery County should get all of the credit for turning Montgomery County into a strong Republican community.

Therefore, after the organizational meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party occurred on June 26, 2018, duly-elected Vice Chairman Reagan Reed made clear that the Party needed to organize an effective General Election campaign to stave off attempts by democrats to make inroads in Montgomery County.

Wilkerson has fought those efforts of what is supposedly his own political party every step of the way. Wilkerson refused to turn over the financial accounts and books of the Republican Party to the duly-elected Treasurer, John Hill Wertz. After the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee directed Wilkerson to pay $10,125 into the Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC account by Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 12 noon, Wilkerson refused.

Wilkerson’s October 10 fundraiser is not only unauthorized. More significantly, he’s raising money for his secretary and for his office overhead and taking money directly away from where it’s needed most: the Victory 2018 Steering Committee’s General Election campaign!

Why did the Montgomery County Republican Party form a Victory 2018 Steering Committee PAC with a separate bank account from the ones Wilkerson controls?

That’s pretty obvious. If the Republican Party is to run a General Election campaign, the campaign requires money. The Party would be stupid to turn over any recently-raised funds to Wilkerson, who is, instead spending money on himself.

So here’s how it happened. The Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee (“CEC”) appointed the Victory 2018 Steering Committee (“V18”) on August 7, 2018, during a properly-noticed meeting. The CEC appointed Precinct Chairman Dale Inman as Chairman of V18. After a full V18 Committee meeting, Inman directed one of the committee members – me – to form a Political Action Committee by making the appropriate filings with the Texas Ethics Commission. Inman and Vice Chairman Reed further directed me to list Kelli Cook as the Treasurer of the PAC. Cook is a major Republican leader in Montgomery County and is a brilliant grassroots organizer and block-walker.

The V18 PAC has followed Texas election law to the letter and carefully keep books and accounts, so that Cook, as Treasurer, will file appropriate reports with the Ethics Commission. Cook will file her 30-day report for the V18 PAC on October 9, as state law requires.

Now, let’s talk about the really important part: the money. Campaigns cost money. Nice push cards, which Inman and Cook designed with the help and approval of Reed, cost money. Therefore, a group of contributors gave money to the V18 PAC to pay for push cards and other campaign items. There’s no question about it: Eric Yollick, the guy who is laser-focused on reducing government spending, contributed most of the money so far. Contributing money to the Republican Party is a good thing, at least so I think. If you’ve got a problem with that, please contact your local Green Party, as they’re a better investment than the democrats.

But that’s not the entire story.

Mr. Wilkerson has worked closely with the family of convicted felons in East Montgomery County to disrupt the efforts of the Montgomery County Republican Party in the November 6 General Election campaign. On July 1, 2018, Wilkerson made a video with the family in which he referred to conservative activists working for the Republican Party as “losers to begin with.” Wilkerson also referred to them all as democrats on the same video.

So much for the 11th Commandment…

What’s the story behind the family of convicted felons? They’re a husband and wife. The husband has multiple theft convictions, criminal harassment convictions, and disorderly conduct convictions.  The two were convicted in federal court in Louisiana of embezzling money from victims of Hurricane Ike in 2008. The Wilkerson allies served approximately 18 months in federal correctional institutions. They had two young children at the time. Instead of making arrangements for the care of their children, they left the two young children to starve in a school bus in the Splendora area. Texas Child Protective Services stepped in to care for the children eventually after local law enforcement discovered the situation in 2012. The wife lost her CPA license as part of the mess this family created for hurricane victims. (This same family has close ties to the Davenport Ring.)

Under Wilkerson’s leadership, the family members contacted a printing company two weeks ago and demanded all invoices for campaign materials for the Republican Party’s General Election campaign. The printing company declined to provide the information, although that information will appear on Cook’s November 9 filing.

Under Wilkerson’s leadership, the family members made a $25 contribution to the V18 PAC in order to ascertain account information to try to disrupt the Montgomery County Republican Party’s General Election campaign that way. Cook, as Treasurer, returned the contribution.

Clearly, Wilkerson’s strategy at this point is to disrupt and divide the Montgomery County Republican Party as thoroughly as possible, so that he may then attempt to convince voters in 2020 that the grassroots conservative activists, who are trying to run the first full GOP General Election campaign in decades, somehow lost the election.

These matters likely don’t involve federal law. They do involve state laws, which, it appears, Wilkerson is breaking left and right.

The FBI would be most welcome to contact me. In all candor, I’d really prefer a visit from the Texas Rangers or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office instead.



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