Editorial: I wish that President Trump on Tuesday will…and I wish that President Biden on Wednesday will…and the Texas Legislature…and the County government…

Editorial: I wish that President Trump on Tuesday will…and I wish that President Biden on Wednesday will…and the Texas Legislature…and the County government…

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

President Trump

I wish that, on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, President Donald Trump will…

  • Pardon Edward Snowden. If it were not for Snowden, we might not know today that our own government was engaged in illegal activity. Snowden exposed the “Deep State.”
  • Remind Americans in a national address all the great things he accomplished, including (1) lowering unemployment for all Americans to the lowest level in half a century, (2) removing the individual mandate in the Obamacare legislation, (3) building over 400 hundred miles of the world’s most advanced and robust border wall to protect America from illegal immigration and human trafficking (4) engaging African-Americans, Hispanics, and other Americans whom the Republican Party had previously failed to reach effectively, (5) increasing middle class family incomes by almost $6,000, (6) reducing unemployment for women to the lowest rate in nearly 70 years, (7) leading the effort to develop an effective vaccine to the China Virus by eliminating regulatory barriers, (8) deregulating American businesses to a massive degree and eliminating eight regulations for every new one adopted, (9) strengthening American trade by bringing fairness to the United States’ relationship with China, Japan, India, and Russia, (10) withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ended NAFTA, both of which killed American jobs, (11) imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions worth of Chinese goods to protect American jobs, (12) brokered several major Middle East peace treaties bringing more stability to that region than any American President since the end of World War II, (13) strengthened markets for American farm products, especially pigs and chickens, (14) oversaw the real version of energy independence by deregulating the energy industry and leading us into the strongest economy in decades, (15) turned the United States into the #1 producer of oil and natural gas in the world, (16) withdrew from the unfair and one-sided Paris Climate agreement, (17) approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline projects, (18) passed a major tax reform law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which made filings simpler and left more money in the hands of American families, (19) created the United States Space Command within the Pentagon, the first new branch of the Armed Forces since 1947, (20) implemented legislation to lower prescription drug prices, (21) signed an executive order to strip federal discretionary funds from sanctuary cities which encourage illegal immigration, (22) successfully demanded parity among NATO members so that European nations would bear a fair burden of NATO defense spending, (23) opened a relationship with North Korea through successful summits with Kim Jong Un, (24) killed the leader of ISIS and brought their top command into permanent disarray, (25) withdrew thousands of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, (26) greatly strengthened American benefits for our veterans, (27) upgraded our cyber defenses by elevating the Cyber Command into a major warfighting command and by reducing burdensome procedural restrictions on cyber operations, (28) passed the First Step Act, a major criminal justice reform law to help law enforcement combat crime and end recidivism.
  • Pardon Julian Assange.
  • Announce that he is attending the Inauguration of Joe Biden as President on Wednesday.
  • Announce that he will work closely with the Republican Party, after he leaves office on Wednesday, at all levels to improve the conservative message to win more elections in the future.
  • Announce that he will begin his own social media communications platform – Free Talk – which will never censor any messages, will provide a medium for the free and open exchange of ideas, and will operate from a server unreachable by any government.

Joe Biden

I wish that, on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden will…

  • Pardon Donald Trump and all members of the Trump family and the Trump administration for any alleged crimes they committed, as a first step towards national healing.
  • Invite President and Mrs. Trump to the White House for dinner on Wednesday, January 20.
  • Make clear that the Biden administration will work closely with the entire energy industry, including the oil and gas industry, to maintain America’s status as the #1 energy producer in the world.
  • Encourage the House Democrats to drop the Trump impeachment efforts.

Texas Legislature and Governor

I wish that, by May 31, 2021, the Texas Legislature will pass and Governor Greg Abbott will sign into law…

  • A ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying in Texas;
  • A biennial State Budget which reduces spending overall by 1.36 percent (1.36%), the Consumer Price Index increase during calendar year 2020;
  • A requirement that Directors of the San Jacinto River Authority must face the voters every two years in a retention election, or else they’ll lose their positions and the Governor must appoint someone else; and
  • Election by local voters of all policy-setting Appraisal District Board members.

Counties and cities (and other local governments too)

I wish that, by the end of July, 2021, all local governments will agree to lower spending, so that they reduce the tax rate to 1.36 percent (1.36%) below the “effective tax rate” or “no new revenue rate.”

The reductions must come through the use of zero-based budgeting and actual reductions, as opposed to moving money around from funds already taxed. I call this wish the “Write A Smaller Check Campaign.” (Remember that the “effective tax rate” and “no new revenue rate” concepts incorporate property tax appraisal increases already, so these would be real tax reductions.)

I wish that, by the end of July, 2021, all local governments, including, without limitation, school districts, will commit not to issue any new bond financing during the entirety of calendar year 2021. The taxpayers need to recover from the China Virus too.



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