Editorial: House Bill 1082 may be the most anti-citizen, anti-property-tax-reform bill ever passed

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, and Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer

Yesterday, the Texas House of Representatives, on a unanimous voice vote, passed House Bill 1082, which allows all local elected officials, as well as all members of the Texas Legislature and statewide elected officials to hide their home addresses from the public, especially their local appraisal district information. That legislation, which now goes to the Texas Senate, may be the most anti-citizen, anti-property-tax-reform bill ever passed. Anyone who cares about rising government property taxes, out-of-control appraisal districts, and openness in government should contact their local State Senator and urge that the Senate kill that bill before it passes in the Senate as well.

Property taxes in Texas continue to skyrocket and tax families, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes out of their homes. As this newspaper has reported for years, local elected officials, especially county commissioners court members and school board members, the worst perpetrators of property tax abuse of all through their election of tax-minded appraisal district board members, always seem to exempt themselves from those rising property tax appraisals. Two articles every Texas legislator should read and understand are:

The day after this newspaper reported the second story, about Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s $110,000 property tax appraisal, miraculously the Montgomery Central Appraisal District changed the favorable appraisal for the Montgomery County Judge to its proper $565,000! In other words, shining the light on that cozy little deal between the County Judge and the policy-making Board of Directors of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District, which at the time had two members of the Commissioners Court – Mike Meador and Charlie Riley – on it, brought the abuse to a swift conclusion.

As the article about Dennis Tibbs shows, as property taxes skyrocket, especially from school districts and commissioners courts where government spending growth is far more out of control than Barack Obama or Joe Biden ever dreamed for the federal government, local elected officials seem to exempt themselves from the primary engine behind that growth in taxation: property tax appraisals.

Former Comal County Commissioner Gregory Parker, a renowned conservative told this newspaper last night, “These so-called Republicans can’t seem to pass constitutional carry or protecting our children from woke gender identity child abuse, but they can manage to pass a bill that cloaks their under-the-table appraisal deals from public scrutiny.”

Every conservative must help kill House Bill 1082. Any legislator who votes for House Bill 1082 clearly opposes property tax reform. Please send them this article (the link is at the top as well as right here:  https://thegoldenhammer.net/editorial-house-bill-1082-may-be-the-most-anti-citizen-anti-property-tax-reform-bill-ever-passed/  . PLEASE ASK YOUR LEGISLATOR TO VOTE “NO” TO HOUSE BILL 1082 BOTH ON ITS THIRD READING IN THE HOUSE AND IN THE TEXAS SENATE!!!



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