Editorial: Has America become a nation of the fearful?

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Has America become a Nation of the fearful? In previous articles, The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper noted that this election will measure whether Americans now tip towards loving their government more than they love their country.

The real question we must ask, however, is why do many Americans love their government more than their country? 2020 has been a year of a questionable pandemic and of race riots. Americans have followed the supposed leadership of government in both regards. Government officials have issued unconstitutional mandates shutting down churches, private businesses, and family gatherings in response to the Chinese Coronavirus illness. In Montgomery County, the County Judge even bizarrely issued a curfew without any legislative authority supposedly in response to the virus.

Government’s response both to the virus and to the race riots has been aggressive. Aggressively, government used both pretexts as a means to grow governmental authority, possibly irreversibly, and to spend enormously more tax dollars than ever previously. Local governments, states, and the federal government have all used the virus as a mechanism to institute massive spending programs, which have yolked beleaguered taxpayers and driven the value of the American dollar down.

There is no question that President Donald Trump is not a president for the feint of heart. He has stood for freedom and American values perhaps more than any President in recent history. President Trump has protected America’s borders, deregulated industry to permit massive job and economic growth for the benefit of all Americans, and instituted economic and foreign policies which place Americans and their values first. Those policies all require Americans to approach their lives with a strong work ethic and a willingness to act to protect their freedoms.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden doesn’t really have much to say, other than to criticize his electoral opponent. Clearly, what he stands for, however, is a choice to rely on government as the solution to every problem. Government mandates, which stretch the limits of the United States Constitution, will be the symbol of a Biden administration should Americans choose them to govern on Tuesday.

Unquestionably, the Republican Party has done a poor job articulating the argument that its candidates stand for freedom, while the other party stands for government as the solution to every problem. Tuesday will tell us whether America has become a nation, which loves our government more than we love the values which led to the founding of the great American experiment and whether we so love our government, precisely because we fear freedom more than we fear government rule of our daily lives.



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