Editorial: Golfer Ben Hogan’s secret doesn’t work for you, Leslie Pettit, you can’t ignore half of the reality in the Montgomery County Republican Party

Kelli Cook, The Golden Hammer

September 17, 2019, rant.

Leslie Pettit is the angry wife of attorney John Pettit who lost the Rule 8(k) hearing for Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson before the Republican Party of Texas Officials Committee, which, as a result, found that Wilkerson engaged in behavior to “disgrace” the Republican Party. On Tuesday, September 17, Pettit unleashed the rant above.

Clearly, Pettit must be a follower of golfer Ben Hogan, but she didn’t quite understand what Hogan did during his remarkable career. After Hogan and his wife were in a terrible car accident on February 2, 1949, near Van Horn, Texas, Hogan had to concern himself with careful methods to regularize his golf play even though he sustained what should have been career-ending injuries. Life magazine reported that he had a “secret cupping under” movement of his wrist when he swung the golf club in order to force every shot to avoid a hook (right to left ball flight) and follow a fade (controlled left to right ball flight).

Ben Hogan’s secret was that he basically took one-half of the entire golf course out of play every time he took a shot, so that he had far greater control over the trajectory of the ball than other players. After he retired from professional golf, Hogan disclosed his secret and admitted that Life had correctly reported the story.

The angry Pettits, however, have applied Ben Hogan’s technique to the real world of Republican Party politics. They’ve attempted to ignore most of the facts just as Hogan sought to ignore half of every golf course.

Sadly for the Pettits, however, ignoring reality doesn’t work very well off of the golf course.

This newspaper reported a major story on Tuesday, “Angry Divider Bryan Christ With Money Interest Announces Candidacy For GOP Chairmanship As ‘Establishment’ Candidate,” The Golden Hammer, September 17, 2019. The point of the story is that Christ, who is running for Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman, would have an enormous conflict of interest, if he were to win, because his wife, Kristin Nichole, holds herself out as a political consultant for candidates who run in contested Republican Primary Elections.

The problem begins with the expected neutrality of the Republican County Chairman. He shouldn’t take sides in a contested Primary Election.

Nevertheless, candidates would feel compelled to hire the services of Christ’s wife as their political consultant and would, of course, easily make the connection that the Republican County Chairman’s wife worked for their campaign. The neutrality would fall down into the water trap.

Christ openly campaigns for his wife’s clients. He’s already doing that in the 2020 Republican Primary Election. That makes sense, because his wife is the primary breadwinner in the family, so he feels compelled to support her efforts.

The Republican County Chairman should be a neutral referee in contested primaries, not associated by marriage and financially with certain candidates.

Christ’s opponent, Jon Bouche, has no such connections. Bouche supports himself through working as a real estate broker and insurance agent. Bouche’s wife is a teacher and not involved in politics at all.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to break down Pettit’s bizarre rant yesterday which she placed on social media.

First, Pettit argued that I, Kelli Cook, am the Publisher of this newspaper. So what?

Second, Pettit argued that I, Kelli Cook, am the Chairman of the Candidates Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party. I’m not even on the Candidates Committee, never have been, and am certainly not the Chairman of it.

Third, Pettit argues that I “chair” Jon Bouche’s campaign. That’s partially true. I’m working very hard for Bouche to win. He’s the right candidate. For hundreds of years and for all of American history, newspapers and their publishers have actively involved themselves in elections and politics. Newspaper endorse candidates. There’s nothing unusual about that. Newspaper publishers have been politically active since the time of the Declaration of Independence. Goodness. Alexander Hamilton was a newspaper Publisher when he was the Secretary of the Treasury. Thomas Jefferson was a newspaper Publisher as Secretary of State of the United States. Henry Jarvis Raymond, the Founder of the New York Times, was the Lieutenant Governor of New York State when he began the paper. Rupert Murdoch, who is the largest shareholder of News Corporation, has worked on hundreds of political campaigns and openly endorsed thousands of politicians running for office.

Fourth, Pettit’s final point does not deserve the dignity of a response, as she’s merely engage in prurient gossip.

Pettit is very close to Wilkerson, who is the person who pushed Christ to run for County Chairman to succeed Wilkerson. In other words, the tripe coming out of Pettit is awfully close to Christ himself.

Ultimately, however, Pettit and Christ need to understand that in reality, unlike golf courses, you have to look at the whole view. A newspaper Publisher or conservative political activist working as a newspaper Publisher is not in the least bit unusual. The Golden Hammer is a political newspaper, which has always actively supported the candidates who will fight for more freedom, less government spending, and less taxation. In this instance, that’s Jon Bouche.

What would be very unusual, however, would be an ostensibly “neutral” County Republican Chairman who will financially benefit if certain candidates win contested primary elections over others, when it is his job to provide an even playing field.

Leslie Pettit, Ben Hogan’s trick won’t work for you. You can’t ignore half of the reality.



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