Editorial: Fear of life, love of government won the 2020 election, while love of country took back seat

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Don’t fool yourselves. The results of the 2020 presidential election are far more significant than mere rampant vote fraud. Vote fraud may have contributed to the margin of victory, but the victory came as a result of a major loss for lovers of and believers in freedom in the philosophical war against those who fear the vicissitudes of life and who love the protection they make themselves believe government will provide.

Who fools themselves more than anyone? The lovers of government. Government institutions were the means of civil rights violations against African-Americans in the twentieth century. Government institutions (in China) created the coronavirus, while government institutions (in America and Europe) led to its massive spread, its death, and its destructive force. That’s for real and it’s not paranoia. In America, in Texas, and in Montgomery County, government’s reaction to the perceived and hyped up threat of the Chinese Coronavirus resulted in massive unemployment at the hands of government fiat, a spike in suicides, family violence, strokes, and heart attacks, and utter destruction of the American economy, which we can only hope is temporary. Since civil rights violations against African-Americans, Americans, including many who call themselves “conservatives,” sat back and didn’t utter a peep, while government locked people in their homes, closed churches, restricted religious worship, mandated criminal laws without involvement by any legislative body, and even imprisoned and fined individuals (e.g., Shelly Luther or the former Publisher of this newspaper) who dared question the legality of those actions.

Liberals are not just winning the war of ideology. They are overrunning those individuals, who believe free markets, individual liberty, and the right to think based upon objective observations of facts are the great attributes of American life. At this point, the ideological war and its battles are not even close. Look, for example, at the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, the Texas Legislature, and the current United States Congress and White House. All of those institutions have fallen under Republican, so-called “conservative” majorities for the past thirty (30) years. Government spending, bureaucratic regulations, and the loss of freedom have marched hand-in-hand with governance in the past thirty (30) years. The quality of life has not improved, but it’s declined. Children suffer. The elderly, who worked their whole lives, suffer. The middle class has suffered to the point of disappearance.

Liberals, pushing Big Government and collectivism as a means and an ideology, have a firm hold on all of American society’s major institutions: public education, churches, the media, and the judiciary. The media and the judiciary came into existence specifically as checks and balances on the actions of government. Instead, they have become the means to add to government largesse. The media relies upon government for information and has become its primary propaganda tool. The judiciary writes legislation, when the national and state legislatures won’t get the liberal agenda job done. Churches have become the latest tool in liberal indoctrination.

From where do we find the answer to these terrible puzzles? In ourselves.

You are the answer, unless you fear life more than you love life.



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