Editorial: Excitedly exceptional about Thursday stories

Warner Brothers’ “One Froggy Evening” is easily one of the greatest cartoon shorts ever produced.

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Although The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper focuses on investigative journalism to root out corruption in Big Government, such as the Montgomery County government (most corrupt in Texas) and the Conroe Independent School District (if you want to meet the real Board of Trustees, their names are Dan Boggio, John Ellisor, and Steve Percival), this newspaper is always happy to write positive stories as well when they’re justified.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 9, 2019, the Editorial Staff of The Golden Hammer will present two positive stories about elected servants who have come from the grassroots in the community of Montgomery County and have excelled in their jobs. In one of the stories, the focus isn’t solely on one person but on a great team of people who have worked with him towards important reforms.

Why does Montgomery County produce such exceptional individuals as leaders in 2019 when we have suffered so much corruption? In part, regular citizens are rising to serve, precisely because Montgomery County has rightly suffered the reputation as “the most corrupt county in Texas.” In part, Montgomery County does have some unique attributes which attract a wonderful population of regular citizens. The proximity to the big city, the great natural beauty, and some of the most most creative real estate developments in the United States have drawn some amazing people with great minds, families, and conservative beliefs into this community.

Part of what Montgomery County is presently experiencing is the arrogant corruption of old East Texas (such as corrupt County Commissioners Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, and James Metts) running headlong into intelligent citizens who demand they reform their ways.

These times for reformers are exciting. Tomorrow’s stories reveal a lot of exceptionalism in the elected servants and in the community from whence they came.




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