Editorial: Congressman Dan Crenshaw needs to stay in his lane

United States Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Republican of Houston, gave a great interview about substantive issues pending before the United States Congress on “It’s Hammer Time” on January 21, 2022, on MCPLive.TV on Facebook and YouTube.

Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer

United States Congressman Dan Crenshaw needs to stay in his lane. Specifically, he should focus on his terrific work as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Crenshaw keeps wounding himself in off-topic presentations which do nothing whatsoever to contribute to the goals in his work representing us in the Congress.

Now, let’s be clear. Crenshaw has a strong voting record. He’s a reliable vote on major issues for the House Republican Conference. He’s introduced major legislation to protect all Americans from vaccine mandates and from the financial ravages of Obamacare.

House Republicans rewarded Crenshaw with a seat on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee where Crenshaw is fighting for conservative positions on climate change, over-regulation of the oil and gas industry, and health care.

When I interviewed the Congressman on Friday, January 21, on “It’s Hammer Time,” he made clear that he remains committed to serious entitlement reform to bring federal spending below federal tax revenue amounts in order to seek to tame the national deficit. Crenshaw’s positions on those issues remained the same as when I interviewed him in 2018 when he was running for Congress.

In other words, Dan Crenshaw represents the conservative positions of the 2nd Congressional District extremely well.

Where Crenshaw has gone astray is in his actions outside the Halls of Congress. He’s gotten into a dispute with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. Regardless of how much he may disagree with Greene’s style, there is nothing for Crenshaw or the Republican Party to gain by his public criticism of her.

Crenshaw’s remarks about “grifters” within the conservative movement contributed nothing to positive political discourse. His oft-quoted misstatement about Jesus Christ not only is theological nonsense but also it doesn’t even seem to fit Crenshaw’s own views of faith.

Criticizing electric cars and making off-the-cuff but audible sarcastic remarks about the audience at the Montgomery County Tea Party PAC meeting in early January added nothing to intellectual discourse and only seemed to denigrate Crenshaw’s integrity.

And that’s what’s such a shame about the numerous misstatements. Dan Crenshaw is an American hero. He has a good head on his shoulders. He has many great ideas for moving forward conservative reforms. Those ideas should be Crenshaw’s focus.

With that approach, Congressman Crenshaw will continue to do a superb job representing the interests of the 2nd Congressional District, which now extends from central Houston to south Montgomery County. Sadly, if he stays off track, he’ll continue to derail his career.



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