Editorial: Are public schools the enemy within? Or are they the means to create a different enemy?

Editorial: Are public schools the enemy within? Or are they the means to create a different enemy?

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Are public schools the enemy within? Or are they the means to create a different enemy? As parents now have the opportunity to look at the curricula foisted upon their children through online learning during the Chinese Coronavirus panic, they’re uncovering the strong liberal and collectivist propaganda in what they previously believed was simply efforts at education.

For decades, adults have worried about the potential takeover of public education for the purpose of indoctrinating children throughout their basic education in the merits of collectivism, socialism, hatred of the police, sexuality, and a replacement of morality with humanism. Education leaders have denied those charges and claim that they’re merely acting in the interest “for the children.” Somehow, the products of public education, the children themselves, have sharply shifted leftwards towards a different ideology and morality than that of their parents.

In other words, conservatives are losing the war of ideology. Liberals keep winning. But why?

How does that happen, even in bedrock conservative communities such as west Texas, Collin County, or Montgomery County?

Then 2020 arrived and brought with it the Chinese Coronavirus Panic of 2020. Government leaders to whom we’ve come to look for ideology and guidance panicked, as politicians always seeking quick gain and gratification, and began to shut down American society and the institutions, such as public schools and churches, upon which we’ve come to rely.

They made a severe mistake, however. Public schools have served as daycare, so that parents can seek careers in order to pay the monstrously heavy tax burden, which taxes more than half of disposable income in 2020, while the families of our ancestors as recently as the early 1970s could afford, under a much lower tax burden, to ensure than one of the two parents could work full-time as a homemaker.

With COVID-19, the public schools daycare function rapidly dissipated, a circumstance which has seriously disrupted the American economy and 21st century society. A parent must stay at home when children are learning online from their homes.

And that is precisely where public schools have made a gigantic error. By forcing children to learn from their homes through online programs, the public schools have given parents a full opportunity to view the curriculum with which they’re subjecting children.

With schools barely starting, parents are discovering curricular elements which are racist, un-American, anti-family, and even sexually perverse. Here are three examples parents have uncovered as public schools are “opening” for online learning.

What’s frightening about all three of these examples is two aspects of them. First, in all cases, the school district administration approved these curricula. Second, don’t these examples clearly demonstrate the precise reason our culture has become so divisive?

Wylie ISD anti-law enforcement, anti-white

Wylie Independent School District (WISD) is in south Collin County, one of the most conservative and Republican communities in the United States. An eighth grade social studies course included the following cartoon:

Cartoon made part of the eighth grade social studies curriculum at Cooper Junior High School near Plano, Collin County, in the Wylie Independent School District.

Very clearly the message is that Pilgrims, southern businesspeople, Klansmen, police officers, and law enforcement generally have regularly beaten and murdered African-Americans. The cartoon is racist, hateful, and evocative. It teaches children a strong negative stereotype of colonial settlers, southerners, and law enforcement officers. How could children who receive that propaganda as part of a school curriculum avoid a strong tendency to grow up hating whites, southerners, the courageous people who settled North America, and police officers?

Wylie ISD removed the cartoon from the curriculum and apologized only after numerous parents complained to administrators.

Conroe ISD’s potentially lewd pre-K assignment

Conroe Independent School District (CISD), the largest school district in Montgomery County in enrollment, faces serious criticism from numerous parents who have questioned why the curriculum includes a request for 4-year-old children to draw a picture of themselves taking a bath. There are also questions whether the school district is attempting to indoctrinate children regarding behavior with respect to the Chinese Coronavirus, possibly even to make social distancing and related behavior permanent.

One parent made the following comment on social media: “Ok public pre-k, Conroe ISD. So many corona virus activities….also they asked my two 4 year olds to draw a picture of themselves in the bathtub. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Very strange. Already thinking of pulling them.”

CISD Trustee Dale Inman gave an exclusive interview to The Golden Hammer yesterday during which he said, “In light of human trafficking concerns and especially in protecting our children, we should be mindful of even the most subtle inference that could be construed as inappropriate.” Inman further said, “I believe this assignment falls into that category. Community members have voiced their concerns, and I understand this situation is being remedied.”

Online pre-kindergarten drawing assignment which requested 4-year-old children to provide a drawing of themselves “taking a bath.”

Sarah Blakelock, Spokesperson for CISD, provided the following statement yesterday after a request from this newspaper: “The activity you reference was part of a lesson on everyday routines. After concerns were raised that bath time was included, another daily routine was put in its place. Students in early grades learn about routines in their lives, and this was a routine they could recognize in their home environments. Because all students are currently learning remotely, this was an assignment intended to be completed with parental involvement.

One CISD parent noted, “Who gets dressed, then takes a bath, and why are kids illustrating themselves nude?”

Another CISD parent said, “Not only is this improper, but aren’t 4 year old kids starting to read at this age? I don’t see any educational value in the assignment. Basic math; calendar knowledge; reading; letters; and free writing was happening in my kid’s pre-K. Assignments usually involved something educational. When my kids had drawing, it was creative – they didn’t tell them what to draw…Don’t forget…we are paying for this garbage.”

One parent commented, “The attack on our young kids is the most horrifying agenda of all. I won’t be a Mama Bear…I am just sick of this!”

Another parent wrote, “Public Ed has hit an all-time low.”

Magnolia ISD: “Precipitate chaos and ring down the curtain on the American dream”

Magnolia ISD is in the Magnolia, Texas area, within Montgomery County. It’s one of the most politically conservative areas in all of Texas.
A High School English teacher there recently placed a racially divisive book titled “The Fire Next Time” by James Baldwin on students’ reading list. Baldwin wrote in the book, “The Negroes of this country may never be able to rise to power, but they are very well placed indeed to precipitate chaos and ring down the curtain on the American dream.”
Is that really the message we want to send to children in our community, that it may well be possible to bring an end to the American dream? Clearly, the book fits within the Antifa or Marxist dreams to end America, but do we want our children to adopt that ideology?


The good thing about online education is the parents have a chance to see the curriculum. Conroe ISD and Wylie ISD have triggered parental involvement in public education.

It’s clearly time for parents to begin close scrutiny of their children’s learning. We cannot depend on weak school boards, which across Texas seem unwilling to do anything but sit back and allow administrators to run roughshod over children’s minds (as well as the taxpayers).

If parents choose to depend upon public education, they should not and cannot allow government to decide the content of indoctrination in order to turn the school-level generation into a radically different ideology from that of their parents. We cannot allow our own children to become the enemy of morality, American principles, and western values within our own homes and neighborhoods.





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