Editorial: An Invitation to Wally Wilkerson to Unify

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer
For years, conservatives were in the voting minority in the Montgomery County Republican Party. The message from County Chairman Wally Wilkerson was always “unify with us” meaning “get behind our leadership and be quiet.”
Wilkerson always put his “establishment” friends into positions of authority within the GOP while relegating conservatives to follow. Wilkerson and his group rarely did much actually to campaign for Republican candidates but instead chose to ride the wave of suburban, Republican-leaning families, who moved into Montgomery County and brought greater Republican-leaning strength to elections, thanks to the work of real estate developers such as George Mitchell, Bruce Belin, and Danny Signorelli.
The 2018 Republican Primary Election, however, was a major turning point. The voters on March 6, 2018, elected a majority of grassroots conservative Precinct Chairs to the Montgomery County Republican Party County Executive Committee. All of a sudden, Wilkerson’s liberal group found itself in the distinct minority.
The conservative Precinct Chairs attended the June 26, 2018, organizational meeting of the Republican Party. With Wilkerson presiding and setting the rules of procedure, the conservatives passed new Bylaws and elected a strong conservative group of Party leaders.
Instantly, the Republican Party became more vibrant than it has been in at least three decades. Instead of relying on real estate developers to bring people to them as Republican voters, the Republican Party began to organize, strategize, and implement a genuine General Election campaign to bring Republican voters to the polls.
democrats have watched in horror, because they’d much prefer that Wilkerson continue his ineffective control of the GOP, while they organize and get out their own vote.
Wilkerson responded in a predictable manner to the grassroots conservatives who are the distinct majority of the Montgomery County Republican Party. First, he and his allies tried the “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” method. To understand that, let’s step back and move to a scenario on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, for a moment. Arroz and Fredrick are 6 year old boys and best friends. They’re playing with Fredrick’s rubber ball when Arroz, mistakenly, pops his friend’s ball on a sharp rock. Fredrick in a rage screams at his friend, “I ‘gwine kill you!” Arroz runs away. That’s what some refer to as “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng,” the name of a Reggae song Winston Foster turned into a hit in 1982. Basically, it describes a fit of smack that’s more of an emotional outburst than any actual action or conduct.
Here’s how the “establishment” tried the “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” method. Wilkerson threatened the elected Republican Party leaders. His allies tried to shout them down at the June 26 and August 28 County Executive Committee meetings.
The conservatives ignored them, however.
Wilkerson then declared that the Montgomery County Republican Party, which he claims to lead, is “not a part of the Republican Party of Texas.” Wilkerson made that declaration in a desperate attempt to remove himself from compliance with Texas election law, the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, or Robert’s Rules of Order, even though Wilkerson’s own bylaws (which are no longer in effect) required compliance with Texas election law, the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, and Robert’s Rule of Order. Wilkerson needed to get out of the provisions of the Texas Election Code, the Republican Party Rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, and the old bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party, because all of those sources of legal authority operated against Wilkerson’s efforts to reverse and ignore his own procedural rulings during the June 26, 2018, organizational meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party County Executive Committee.
Wilkerson’s long time Parliamentarian Jim Wiggins, who is a fair minded leader and highly respected Certified Public Accountant in Conroe, has disappeared from the scene, because Wilkerson’s efforts to ignore the June 26 meeting also constitute a rebuke of Wiggins. Since Wiggins left Wilkerson’s side, Wilkerson attempted to bring in another parliamentarian, Dennis Clark of Houston, for the August 28 meeting, even though the County Executive Committee had previously voted attorney Daniel Ure as the Permanent Parliamentarian. Wilkerson’s Clark showed bias and genuine hatred towards the conservatives, who led the vote on August 28 to send Clark back to Houston. Clark also revealed a distinct lack of understanding of parliamentary procedure.
On August 28, 2018, Wilkerson walked out of a County Executive Committee meeting over which he had presided for about 90 minutes, after the vast majority of Precinct Chairs voted to adopt a meeting agenda that moved the Republican Party forward with respect to organizing for the November General Election rather than allowing Wilkerson to continue to dwell in the past.
As the Montgomery County community watches the great work of our Montgomery County Republican Party leaders – Reagan Reed, Rachel Bingham, John Wertz, Steering Committee members, Victory 2018 Committee members, activists, volunteers, and candidates – the community senses a greater degree of excitement, focus, purpose, and downright resolve to ensure that the Republican slate of candidates win in the November General Election than ever seen. People are volunteering, contributing money, working to organize, planning, figuring out how to walk blocks, planning calls, and figuring out how to implement innovative ideas to make sure we get the best result in November that our Republican slate can possibly achieve. They’re working together as a great political group.
So far, the work of Dale Inman’s Victory 2018 Steering Committee is fantastic. Dale’s kind spirit and his willingness to allow others to run with their ideas is leadership at its very best.
Despite Wally’s very negative comments about many people in the Republican Party, some within the Republican Party contacted Wally in the hope that he would unify with the great leaders who are energizing the Montgomery County Republican Party, which is part of the Republican Party of Texas. The Victory 2018 Committee is moving forward. The Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee is moving forward. The IT Committee (under Bill Brenza’s great leadership) is moving forward.
It’s clear that the conservative activists would all welcome Wilkerson joining as County Chairman to have fun together and fashion a great win for Republican candidates and for themselves in November.
It’s clear that the grassroots conservatives are looking forward only and willing to forget Wilkerson’s slights of the past as water under the bridge. It’s clear that the grassroots conservatives would like for Wilkerson and his “establishment” allies to unify with the grassroots conservatives to enjoy the great adventures that elections bring.
Wilkerson was absolutely correct when he commented that the grassroots conservatives obviously have a majority of the County Executive Committee. That’s because the voters put the grassroots conservative in place as elected Precinct Chairs for that very purpose. It’s not a rejection of Wally Wilkerson. Their actions are merely to bring a broader leadership to the Grand Old Party.
Unifying doesn’t require that anyone set aside the new bylaws, establish more committees, or have mea culpas.
The Republican Party has a great leadership team of officers and Steering Committee members. Wally Wilkerson should be a part of that. Wilkerson should join with the other officers of the Montgomery County Republican Party and work to bring victory to all of us in November.



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