Doyal’s capital expenditure blowout, troubled EB-5 immigration program top September 12 Commissioners Court agenda

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal.

Conroe, September 11 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and his free-spending colleagues on the Commissioners Court are preparing for a capital expenditure blowout during the coming fiscal year. Those preparations and Doyal’s corrupt EB-5 immigration program top the September 12, 2017, Commissioners Court Agenda. The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Agenda Item 9A1: Payment of accounts.

Once again, the Commissioners Court will approve payment of millions of dollars of accounts without eyes reviewing those accounts first. The payments consist of 85 single-spaced pages totaling $15,971,225.06 of taxpayer funds.

Some of the most appalling payments include:

  • $33,703.51 paid to Graves Humphries law firm for their failure to collect Justice of the Peace fees and fines adequately;
  • $30,318.58 to Halff Associates, the engineering firm of Bobby Jack Adams, the best friend and business partner of County Judge Craig Doyal;
  • $105,983.63 in additional payments for the $73 million, 3.6 mile Tx-249 Decimation of Hope Highway Tollway;
  • an additional payment to Halff Associates out of the Precinct 1 budget for $4,720.00;
  • $7,463.76 to John Holzwarth, the private engineer who duplicates the services and duties of County Engineer Mark Mooney; and
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars to Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams,, Hitouch Business, Ofice Depot, Kroger, and other retailers at full retail prices.

Agenda Item 9A3: Budget amendments. Several million dollars of budget amendments. For once, there is a genuine emergency expenditure as to some of the amendments arising from Tropical Storm Harvey. But there are also some trivial amendments which just reveal a lack of transparency and accountability for budgeting, such as:

  • $285,000 Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador is spending on vehicles out of his carryover slush fund from previous years’ budgets
  • $113,223.90 Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley is spending on capital outlays out of his asphalt and road account without any explanation
  • $1,030 of unexplained funds County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, wife of indicted political boss Marc Davenport, is spending on “professional development”

Agenda Item 9D1: The Commissioners Court will renew a contract for supplying the library with periodicals without any review of the proposed renewal.

Agenda Item 9D8: The Commissioners Court will approve construction materials for engineering and testing for the widening of Woodlands Parkway.

Agenda Item 9D9: The Commissioners Court will approve a request for proposal for competitive bidding of emergency bulk fuel.

Agenda Item 9D10: Meador is buying $124,857.51 in mowing equipment for keeping the grounds nicer in Commissioner Precinct 1.

Agenda Item 9L: County Judge Doyal once again is advocating the corrupt and troubled EB-5 immigration program. Doyal had tucked this program into the consent agenda on March 28, 2017. The program, which Presidents Bill Clinton and B. Hussein Obama had aggressively pushed, allows foreign nationals to get favorable immigration and tax advantages for investing in real estate transactions. Basically, the program invites investors, many of whom the FBI and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating under what Forbes magazine refers to as a “massive eight-year fraudulent scheme,” into Montgomery County. Of course, Doyal claims he supports “economic development” but this program is really just an instance of giving favoritism to corrupt foreign companies, particularly organized crime elements from East Asia. Please see “County Judge Craig Doyal has an illegal immigration problem: Doyal’s EB-5 Program,” The Golden Hammer, May 9, 2017.

Agenda Item 13: Carryover all of the Building Maintenance Department’s unspent funds into Capital Outlay for Buildings for Fiscal Year 2018 in order to pay for all of the capital projects Doyal wants to get done during what may be his last year in office. Doyal is pushing these capital projects as hard as he can in order to shovel money towards the engineering vendors with whom Doyal has close ties.

Agenda Item 14: Carryover all of unspent information technology funds into more information technology capital funds for Fiscal Year 2018.

Both Agenda Items 13 and 14 reveal that taxpayers in Montgomery County suffer substantial over-taxation, because Doyal and his Commissioners Court colleagues are hiding these funds so that the taxpayers will not see they’re unspent.

Agenda Item 14 is particularly sneaky, because it’s a carry forward of professional services, capital outlays for equipment, and capital outlays for software for five different departments, even though the agenda item appears only to concern Information Technology. During the past year, one of the new methods of hiding spending is lumping departments into these “cost centers” which are actually multiple departments. It’s a new and failed method of opacity.

Agenda Item 15C: Spending $50,000 more for “routine” airport maintenance.

Agenda Item 20: Meador wants to give a superintendant a raise in the middle of the year.

Meador also wants to open a new position in the middle of the year effective August 26, 2017. Same curiosity.



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