Doyal to cram the Sham immigration scam (ultra-liberal, pro-immigration, newcomer democrat for Montgomery County Historical Commission)

Doyal to cram the Sham immigration scam (ultra-liberal, pro-immigration, newcomer democrat for Montgomery County Historical Commission)

Image: Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s nominee to the Montgomery County Historical Commission Alexus Sham (center) with his wife Rama (right) and close friend Afhan, celebrating Eid Milan, the Muslim holiday. Sham is an ultra-liberal immigration lawyer who staunchly supports the democrat party and just moved to Montgomery County recently.

Conroe, July 22 – Montgomery County Craig Doyal, who switched to the Republican Party after being a lifelong democrat in 1995 “so I can win,” nominated ultra-liberal  democrat immigration lawyer Alexus Sham to the Montgomery County Historical Commission. Sham, whose immigration law office is in The Woodlands, moved to Texas during the past five years.

Sham’s website reveals that he specializes in two particular areas of immigration law. He aids individuals seeking political asylum in their native countries to obtain immigration visas to come to the United States. Sham also helps people “who are trying to navigate the green card process through marriage.”

Sham has been sharply critical of the presidency of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Sham has also campaigned against and clamored about Republican members of Congress who opposed President B. Hussein Obama’s immigration reform bill that would have opened American borders substantially. Sham has made clear that he is particularly critical of President Trump’s efforts to overturn the Obamacare legislation as well as the President’s positions on making American borders less porous.

Sham has actively worked as a volunteer and has been a financial supporter of the democrat party and democrat candidates.

He and his wife Rama moved to Texas either in 2013 or 2016. Sham immigrated to the United States in 1975 at the age of 2 and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.

Larry Foerster, Chairman of the Historical Commission, which receives County taxpayer funding and which is a County government department, explained that Sham and his family live in south Montgomery County, has a degree in history and French from the College of the Holy Cross in Boston, and received his law degree from the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Foerster has explained that Sham intends to do historical research and writing for the Historical Commission “for future state and county historical markers.”

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal holds one of his newspaper ads from his unsuccessful campaign for the democrat party nomination for Commissioner, Precinct 2. Doyal lost to fellow democrat Malcolm Purvis for whom he later went to work.

In recent years, a democrat party strategy in staunchly Republican Texas has been for democrats to run for nonpartisan offices, such as city council and special purpose district board seats. Three weeks ago, Raymond McDonald defeated a liberal democrat challenger for the Conroe City Council in an electoral contest in which the Harris County democrat party and local democrats campaigned openly for McDonald’s opponent.

On June 26, 2018, the Montgomery County Republican Party voted to adopt new Bylaws which allow the GOP to endorse candidates in nonpartisan elections after an appropriate vetting process to determine that their actions and beliefs are and will be consistent with the Republican Party Platform.

Doyal won election as a Republican in 2014 to become the Montgomery County Judge. In the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, challenger Mark Keough, currently a State Representative, defeated Doyal by a landslide margin. It would seem that Doyal’s Sham cram is a step to get back at the citizens of this conservative bedrock community,.








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