Doyal telling County Department heads they don’t need to worry about cutting spending; Judge Laird jumps into fray

County Court at Law Number 2 Judge Claudia Laird has jumped into the County Budget discussion.

Conroe, May 6 – If you have imagined that the Montgomery County government is actually intending to cut spending, you need to jump into the real world. Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal has made clear to County Department Directors behind-the-scenes in private meetings that he doesn’t have any intention whatsoever of cutting any Department budgets. Three County Department Directors, who requested anonymity, have confirmed to The Golden Hammer that Doyal has told them during the past week that he intends to pull any budget reductions necessary as a result of the 20% homestead exemption from the Commissioners’ Precinct road and bridge budgets and he assured him he intend to proceed with the construction of a new office building for the County Tax Assessor-Collector.

Since Doyal’s primary focus is on collecting as many taxes as possible, since Moody’s bond rating service even raised the County’s debt rating to AAA as a result of the massive spending increases the County government has successfully perpetrated upon Montgomery County taxpayers, and since Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador are major property tax increase proponents through their positions on the Montgomery Central Appraisal District Board of Directors, it’s not surprising that Doyal would want to build a brand new tax office as a monument to his favorite “service” the County government perpetrates: TAXATION.

Perhaps, Doyal will decide to name the new tax building the “James ‘Craig’ Doyal Tax Office Building” as a tribute to himself and his singular focus on raising taxes.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview on Thursday, “Doyal has made clear he doesn’t want to reduce any Department’s budget, because he knows that the Commissioners Court members’ family members all work in those departments. Instead he wants to take the money from the two services the people want the most: roads and transportation, and law enforcement. I want Craig Doyal to work for the people, not for himself.”

Laird jumps into the discussion!

Meanwhile, Noack and County Court at Law Number Two Judge Claudia Laird entered into an interesting public discussion about the budget on social media on Wednesday.

Kevin Summerlin began the discussion by making the point, “An across the board 5% [budget] cut is a bad idea. Cuts should be strategic in nature.”

Laird responded, “Kevin Summerlin – exactly! Thank you!” (The Golden Hammer agrees.)

Noack replied, “If all departments make this claim – how would the taxpayers receive the homestead exemption they asked for? I agree, some are managed better than others, but the whole idea the sky is falling, over a whopping 5% reduction is ridiculous.”

Laird then said, “Not all departments are required to make the 5% cut. I personally don’t believe the cuts will go to the taxpayers – they will simply be moved to the mismanaged departments. That is wrong. An analysis should be done into where cuts should be made. For example, what about the many, many unfilled positions departments are allowed to carry on their budgets? So, I am asked to fire an employee who has worked hard and given value to the county so another department can keep an unfilled position on the books?

Noack replied, “I understand your concerns. I also know how hard you and your employees work. You set the bar and I know that.”

Laird concluded, “Thanks, Commissioner. I respect what you are trying to do for the taxpayers, I really do.”

Bottom Line

Across-the-board cuts are bad ideas, as cuts should be strategic in nature. That’s why zero-based budgeting is the only appropriate methodology to achieve real spending reductions.



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