Doyal, secretary Olszowy seek to intimidate citizens, establish latest rule to prevent citizens from commenting during Commissioners Court meetings

Right to left: Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and secretary Sylvia Olszowy each with characteristic beaming smiles.
Conroe, April 13 – Since the beginning of 2018, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and his staff have done everything they could possibly do to attempt to intimidate citizens as they’ve tried to make citizen comments during the Commissioners Court meetings. Doyal and his secretary Sylvia Olszowy just implemented their latest procedure to restrict the free speech of Montgomery County citizens.
When Republican Precinct Chair Ginger Russell of Magnolia came into Doyal’s office on Tuesday morning at 9:16 a.m. (for the 9:30 a.m. Commissioners Court meeting, which actually began two minutes late) to fill out one of the sheets to make a citizen comment, Russell walked into the office. There were no signup sheets on the desk but Olszowy was standing there to the right of the desk.
Russell politely told Olszowy that Russell would like to sign up to speak during the Commissioners Court. Olszowy replied, “Its’ too late.” Russell asked, “What time did the sign-up stop?” Olszowy responded, “9:20 a.m.”
Russell responded, “That is not right. Let me sign up.” Olszowy bitterly said, “The sheets have already been taken away.”
At that point, “chief of staff” jim fredricks walked by and heard the conversation and the manner in which Olszowy was mistreating an innocent citizen. fredicks uttered, “you will get to speak anyway.” Russell then asked fredricks, “What time is it?” fredricks looked at his wrist watch and said, “It’s 9:17 a.m.”
Russell then turned to the citizen-hater Olszowy and said, “Come on, Sylvia. It isn’t even 9:20 yet.”
Olszowy then stormed behind the desk, dramatically grabbed a piece of blank paper, and gave it to Russell. Russell signed her name on the paper and placed “249 Toll Road” on it as the subject matter.
Olszowy sarcastically said, “Thank you, Ginger.” Russell responded, “Thank you for your trouble” and left.
Russell told The Golden Hammer after several witnesses observed Doyal’s and Olszowy’s mis-treatment of a citizen, “Unfortunately, our current Montgomery County Judge, Doyal, is utilizing his staff specifically in this case administrative assistant Sylvia Olszowy to silence the voters. There appears to be no written policy set in place as to how the taxpayers are to address the court.  The rules change weekly and you never know what rule will be in place from one Commissioners Court meeting to the next. I attend Commissioners Court on a regular basis and it has become apparent to me that Judge Doyal wants to silence those that do not agree with his agenda.”



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