Doyal, Riley, Williams, SJRA’s Houston have gotten the extremism argument turned around

Montgomery County, September 8 – There’s a small unheard of group of people living in our community who live in terror of the month of October, and it’s not due to Halloween. Their families earn around $68,000 per year for a family of four. Their homes are simple but threatened. They don’t show up in newspaper articles or television news stories. They never appear during “citizen comments” in front of the elite governmental bodies that claim to provide the leadership for us. These people are too busy going to work about 50 hours, raising the children, paying the bills, and getting a little bit of rest on the weekends. Those people have never heard of Craig Doyal, Jeri Williams, Jace Houston, or Wally Wilkerson. They vote about one-and-a-half times every four years and find political activists annoying.

The name of those people – and only about 555,000 live in Montgomery County – are called “private citizens.”

Why do they fear the month of October? That’s when some lady named Tammy McRae sends them a letter absolutely every year demanding the payment of property taxes based upon the value of their house multiplied by the tax rates that more than one-hundred-and-fifty taxing entities assess. McRae doesn’t let up. Every year she takes money they’ve saved up for Christmas gifts for the children. There will be a lot less gifts for Christmas and the family can’t afford the better health insurance next year after all, because McRae takes away their money without relent.

Craig Doyal doesn’t care, because he feels as though his job is to protect the Montgomery County government. He takes the extreme position that government must collect as much money from taxpayers (other than Craig Doyal) as possible, so that government can continue to do what it does so well: spend money, build more, and pay higher and higher salaries to the elite few.

Jeri Williams doesn’t care, because she wants as much money as possible to go into the ghost-town-like public libraries. Williams is a rabid follower of the American Library Association, its liberal politics, and its extremist views that public libraries must develop and control the minds of all. She actually told several of her closest associates that she felt that she needed to sue Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and Montgomery County because, she felt, by questioning her proposed budget expenditures during the July “budget workshop,” Noack was creating a hostile work environment for Williams. Now that attitude and behavior of Jeri Williams is the worst form of extremism.

Doyal taught Williams well. Doyal and his buddy, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, have become the “Kings of Government Secrecy,” in their constitutional challenge to the Texas Open Meetings Act. Doyal and Riley – along with their co-indictee Marc Davenport – have fought to set aside the application of the State’s policy of “open government” to them. Obviously, Williams also opposes any public scrutiny. Riley is so extreme in his support of increased and unscrutinized government spending that he started uttering profanities when citizens dared challenge the highest operational expenditure budget in the history of Montgomery County during the September 5, 2017, budget “hearing.”

Jace Houston doesn’t care, because, as General Manager of the San Jacinto River Authority, he wants to sell water to governmental entities and others at the highest possible prices (even monopolistic prices!) so that he can increase his salary, bring more money into SJRA, and keep the gorgeous physical facilities of SJRA as gorgeous as possible.

Wally Wilkerson doesn’t care because he just wants people to believe he’s successful by thrusting people with an “R” behind their name into public office regardless of their actual political beliefs and then by demanding that Republican organizations such as the Young Republicans and the Pachyderm Federation and non-Republican organizations such as the women’s clubs (who broke away from the Republican Party) and the Tea Party groups are as loyal and obedient serfs to the elected “winners.”

They don’t care about the private citizens.

Was Barry Goldwater wrong?

Doyal, Williams, Houston, and Wilkerson are called “extremists.” They vehemently fight for Big Government and government that has no accountability to those bothersome private citizens out there.

United States Senator Barry Goldwater must have gotten it wrong then when he said, “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

What does it mean that Goldwater got it wrong? Well, Doyal, Williams, Houston, and Wilkerson are “extremists” in the fight against liberty. Goldwater also said that the act of taxation was itself taking away the freedom of those taxed, because government forces them to work a substantial amount of their time to support the government.

Similarly, did Goldwater get it wrong when he said that “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”? Doyal, Williams, Houston, and Wilkerson fight extremely hard against justice. They fight to take freedom away from private citizens to support taxation and spending.

Montgomery County’s local government – the County – is one of the fastest growing counties in spending in the entire United States yet there are five our of five people elected as Republicans on the Commissioners Court. Has the Republican Party – under the leadership of Doyal, Williams, Houston, and Wilkerson – become the party for massive government spending growth?

When will those unheard-of people ever get a break from the constant mail they receive from Tammy McRae when she destroys their Christmas and their chance for better health care next year? They won’t until Doyal, Williams, Houston, and Wilkerson start to hear their voices.



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