Doyal receives “The Golden Hammer Award” for his reckless signing of Court Security Committee letter with no cost estimates

The Golden Sledgehammer makes the Golden Hammer look tiny.

Conroe, July 26 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal received “The Golden Hammer Award” on July 24, 2018, for his recking signing of a County Security Committee letter on June 28, 2018, that called for enormous expenditures of funds to improve the security at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with reasonable security precautions. Furthermore, no one should fault the Courthouse personnel who work there for wanting such precautions.

The problem, however, is that Doyal should certainly know better than to call for a “blank check” for funding security measures without knowing the cost of such measures in advance.

The entire presentation of “The Golden Hammer Award” follows:

“My name is Eric Yollick. I live in Commissioner Precinct 3. I’m discussing Agenda Item 21A.

“As you know, I’ve seen the June 28, 2018, letter publicly released on that day from the Courthouse Security Committee to the members of the Commissioners Court.

“Judge Robin and the Committee expressed legitimate concerns about the security at our Courthouse. I’ve had some concerns about courthouse security ever since I moved here and certainly when I served as President of the Montgomery County Bar Association from 2005 to 2006.

“I don’t like the program whereby attorneys can bypass the security system by getting those little cards through the Sheriff’s Office. The reason I don’t is because the only time I’ve ever been near a courthouse shooting it happened to be an attorney who was pulling the trigger in a horrific incident in Tarrant County.

“What is clearly objectionable to the proposals of the Courthouse Security Committee is that they react – like many overreactions to homeland security concerns that are often a rationalization for big government and heavy tax spending – to a tragic incident in Travis County that occurred far from the courthouse in a private driveway of a district judge advertising who she was on her vehicle’s license plates as though that incident occurred at the courthouse itself, when it did not.

“But my concern this morning is greater. This County government is in a fiscal nightmare of a mess. At least for the past four years, and actually quite a while longer, you’ve done nothing to minimize expenditures. Now, thanks to the massive waste and inefficiency, and thanks to bloated salaries and too many managers, a proposal such as the June 28 letter would break the taxpayers’ backs.

“What’s even more frightening about it is that no one even knows how much it would cost.

“That raises the question why County Judge Craig Doyal would even sign such a letter to indicate his endorsement of its proposals. What you, Judge Doyal, at least shouldknow is that the County’s taxpayers have had enough and can’t bear major new spending initiatives right now.

“I understand Judge Robin’s concerns. I’ve been in a courthouse when a shooting occurred, and I’d prefer not to go through that experience again.

“But homeland security is not a blank check, as the teachings of the heroic Ed Snowden, Senator Rand Paul, Sheriff Rand Henderson, and Senator Ted Cruz have made clear.

“You must balance fiscal concerns with appropriate security measures that preserve American values. For example, what has happened at the United States Capitol since 9/11 is an extreme over-reaction that has destroyed that building as the great monument to American freedom and the exchange of ideas that it once was.

“For you to sign off on that letter, Judge Doyal was the height of fiscal irresponsibility. You are the one signatory who knew better.

“The Golden Hammer goes to you, sir.”




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