Doyal, Keough to face off in first debate of 2018 Montgomery County Judge election: two questions dominate what voters want to hear

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal.
State Representative Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands), running for Montgomery County Judge.

Conroe, December 14 – The two candidates for Montgomery County Judge, embattled incumbent Craig Doyal and reformist challenger Mark Keough, who is current a State Representative, will face off in the first candidate debate of the 2018 Republican Primary Election cycle at the December meeting of the Liberty Belles Republican Women, at 7 p.m., tonight, December 14, 2017, at Panorama Village Clubhouse, 73 Greenbriar Drive, Conroe, Texas 77304. The esteemed Republican Women’s organization will hold a business meeting with some entertainment beforehand.

Several local political activists expressed their questions and concerns for the candidates, Doyal and Keough, who will debate.

There are two critical questions that voters seem to want to hear right off from the two candidates for County Judge:

  • 1. What will you do about the exorbitant salary of the Montgomery County Judge?
  • 2. Will you commit never to support construction or funding of any toll road, including the $73 million, 3.6 mile, Tx-249 Tollway, also known as the Decimation of Hope Highway, unless the voters of Montgomery County have approved the tollroad by referendum?

Ginger Russell, Republican Precinct Chair, Magnolia said, “Why has Doyal REFUSED to allow the taxpayers a vote on the 249 Toll Road. I would like to know why Doyal believes it to be acceptable that only 3 voters, himself, Commissioners Riley and Meador decide to build the $73M Toll Road.”

Georgette Whatley, Conroe, conservative Board member of the Montgomery County Hospital District stated, “I would like to hear their thoughts on toll roads and what they believe an appropriate salary for this position should be.”

Walter West, II, a veteran who is running for Republican Precinct Chair, Bacon, posited, “Why can’t they follow Republican Party Platform? Cronyism? Integrity? Leadership! Who can lead with 3/5ths of a Body under Indictment at one time? With MOCO being labeled by now other State’s as one of the most corrupt counties in Texas and or the nation, what can they do to change this stigma?”

Paul Crowson, Conroe, East Montgomery County political activist said, “That I would be able to put an item on the agenda to discuss with the commissioners and judge, to have a 2 way conversation about an issue, to be able to get on the agenda to discuss it simply by having 5 of my friends or neighbors that also have the same concern to simply present a petition to my county commissioner that can be approved within 24 hours of being presented to him or her, and be able to be scheduled on the agenda no later than the next commissioners court deadline to have items submitted for review.

Bill O’Sullivan, The Woodlands, local sage, Treasurer of Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC, stated, “Toll Roads, particularly 249, Mobility and paying for it and spending including Pay and Benefits.”

Conroe civil engineer Ron Saikowski asked “Should Montgomery County establish a Flood Control District similar to Harris County established by the State Legislature?”

Reagan Reed, Republican Precinct Chairman, Empower Texans Houston Correspondent, Willis, questioned, “Do you support the proposition passed overwhelmingly by the county Republican Party and the State Republican Executive Committee which states that no government entity should fund the construction of toll roads without voter approval?”

Annell Simcoe, Montgomery, political activist, retired Dean, Rutgers University asked,”It appears that a great deal of taxpayer money is spent on contracts to engineers and architects for studies and sometimes studies of studies. How do you propose to show more accountability for engineering and architectural contracts and who should be responsible for the review of the competence of those chosen and the prices they seek for the studies?”

Janet Fincher, Montgomery, retired schoolteacher, conservative activist asked, “What is your plan to clean up the government of Montgomery County?   Please cover the areas of nepotism, out of control spending, abuse of power, out of control salaries and transparency.”

Kelli Cook, Montgomery County Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty, Montgomery noted, “I am most interested in the county judge’s salary. The median household income is approximately $70,000. The tax payers should not be expected to pay the county judge more than twice what they earn and more than the governor of Texas. I’m also interested in toll roads obviously.”

The Republican Primary Election will occur on March 6, 2018.

As several individuals have expressed concerns about the Tx-249 Tollway, it’s important to note that only Keough has signed The Pledge concerning tollroads between the two candidates:

“I, Mark Keough, pledge that I will never support construction or funding of any toll road, unless the voters have approved the toll road by referendum.”



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