Doyal, fredricks issue press release, attempt to whitewash their efforts to intimidate, chase away Animal Shelter Director Charles Jackson

A symbolic portrayal of Doyal’s and fredricks’ work in issuing a “whitewash” press release the afternoon of March 30, 2017.

March 30 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, embroiled in the midst of the criminal charges pending against him for allegedly violating the Texas Open Meetings Act, and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks issued a press release this afternoon in which they attempted to whitewash their chasing away extraordinarily popular and successful Animal Shelter Director Charles Jackson.

Doyal and fredricks summoned Jackson to Doyal’s office for a meeting at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 24, in which they sat Jackson down and told Jackson that they had received complaints from current and former employees of the Animal Shelter that Jackson made some decisions to terminate certain employees because he is allegedly a “racist,” a “homophobe,” a “bigot,” and someone who discriminates based upon people’s “religious preferences.” Jackson squarely denied the allegations and asked Doyal and fredricks to produce any evidence of such discriminatory conduct by him.

Doyal and fredricks refused to provide any evidence – written or verbal – to Jackson. Nevertheless, Doyal and fredricks then asked Jackson whether any “outside source” had caused him to make any “hiring or firing decisions.” Jackson replied “No, sir.” Then Doyal and fredricks further confronted Jackson, “Did Commissioner James Noack influence any of your hiring or firing decisions? Did Noack cause you to discriminate against people?” Jackson again replied, “No, sir, he did not.” The Golden Hammer has confirmed that there have been no actions taken in the County’s Human Resources Department against Jackson nor have there been any official complaints opened against Jackson.

Two confidential sources have confirmed to The Golden Hammer that Doyal and fredricks have urged the former volunteer coordinator of the Shelter to file a complaint against Jackson and possibly against Noack.


Four days later, today, Jackson officially announced his resignation as an employee of Montgomery County with his last day on the job to be April 14, 2017.

Amazingly, Doyal and fredricks have admitted in the “whitewash” press release the facts (shown in bold italics below) behind their direction violation of Section 2.10 of the Montgomery County Employee Policy Manual which mandates that the Human Resources Department, not the hyper political County Judge, must handle all employee complaints.

The following is Doyal’s and fredricks’ “whitewash” press release which they issued this afternoon:

“MARCH 30, 2017 — It is with great regret that the Office of County Judge announces the resignation, effective April 14, of Montgomery County Animal Shelter Director Charles Jackson.

“I am disappointed to see Charles leave, but I would never hold any employee back from pursuing a great opportunity,” said County Judge Craig Doyal. “We wish him the very best.”

“Charles has done excellent work in his time at the shelter, helping to implement many policies and procedures that ultimately will lead to a stronger, more effective animal shelter that operates efficiently as possible,” Judge Doyal said.

“Mr. Jackson sent us a resignation letter, which is attached” (printed in yesterday’s The Golden Hammer) and explained to us that his resignation is simply to pursue a great job opportunity that was presented to him,” Judge Doyal said. According to our Human Resource Office, Mr. Jackson has an excellent work history with the county, and his personnel file contains no issues.

Judge Doyal has directed the Human Resource Department to launch a robust national search again, so that the county will have a chance to interview the absolutely best internal and external candidates for the job.

A politically-oriented blog has raised a number of issues in the public domain that need to be addressed.

An employee recently terminated by Mr. Jackson approached the office of county judge with a host of concerns. Likewise, other animal advocates approached the office with similar concerns.

Their concerns were sent to Mr. Jackson, and then Judge Doyal and Chief of Staff Jim Fredricks met with Mr. Jackson to discuss the concerns Friday, March 24.

He addressed those concerns, and it was determined there was no need to take any other actions.

According to Judge Doyal, Mr. Jackson was at no time ever pressured by this office, nor was any discipline ever contemplated.

Charles Jackson offered the following comment:

“On March 24, 2017, I had a meeting with Jim Fredricks and Judge Craig Doyal. During that meeting we discussed accusations that had been made against me and the shelter by former employees and members of the community. At no point was I accused of any impropriety by Mr. Fredricks or Judge Doyal. I did not feel intimidated or coerced to resign. This meeting had no bearing on my decision to leave Montgomery County Animal Shelter.”

Judge Doyal said: “Any suggestions that this office attempted to discipline or intimidate Mr. Jackson are completely false.”



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