Doyal directed free building construction services from Montgomery County government for his and Riley’s political campaigns

Doyal directed free building construction services from Montgomery County government for his and Riley’s political campaigns

Magnolia, September 12 – Consistent with the abuse of power which former County employee Melissa Goetz reported in writing to the County’s Human Resources Department after Charlie Riley, Precinct 2 Operations Management, fired her in April, 2013, documents, which The Golden Hammer has recently obtained along with the confirmation on condition of anonymity of more than a dozen employees of Precinct 2 and the County’s Building Maintenance Department, reveal that Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, as Precinct 2 County Commissioner at the time, ordered the Building Maintenance Department to provide free electrical and plumbing to the Precinct 2 Maintenance Barn, specifically so that Doyal and Riley could utilize those services for their campaigns.

The Building Maintenance Department installed plumbing in the Precinct 2 Barn so that Doyal and Riley could have water and electrical service for cooking and serving food for their political campaigns. The Building Maintenance Department’s Director, Paul Case, told his employees that they were doing the installation personally for Doyal and Riley. The plumbing installation, which a Building Maintenance Department crew completed, and the electrical installation, also done with a separate County government electrical crew including a licensed master electrician, required approximately eight (8) full days of work for the six-person crews. Neither Doyal nor Riley have ever reimbursed Montgomery County for the construction work, the electricity, the water, or free storage.

Doyal and Riley, now Precinct 2 County Commissioner, have also abused County government power by using the Commissioner Precinct 2 gated barnyard as a storage facility for their personal property including their barbecue trailers. A Precinct 2 County employee, who has requested anonymity, told The Golden Hammer that “Riley and Doyal have stored those trailers there as long as I can remember” and at least since 2013 (when Doyal was the Precinct 2 County Commissioner and Riley his Operations Manager). Please see “County Judge Doyal, Commissioner Riley Abuse Power, Use Precinct 2 Gated Barnyard To Store Personal, Campaign Property,” The Golden Hammer, August 24, 2017.

Section 39.02 of the Texas Penal Code provides “A public servant commits an offense if, with intent to obtain a benefit…he intentionally or knowingly misuses government property, services, personnel, or any thing of value belonging to the government that has come into the public servant’s custody or possession by virtue of the public servant’s office or employment.”

Former Precinct 2 employee Richard Gore, who no longer works for the County government and has moved out of state, has confirmed:

“I worked at Precinct 2. Doyal, Riley, and Gage were all crooked people. They would look people in the eye and tell them what they wanted to hear then laugh behind their backs. I saw mechanics working on Doyal’s daughter’s car during work hours. [Melissa] Goetz did campaign work for both Doyal and Riley, the ‘good ole boys.'”

Three employees within the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office have confirmed that Riley and Doyal do not reimburse Montgomery County for use of the gated, locked, and barb-wired storage area for the trailers and barbecue cookers and related equipment, which the two elected officials own personally. Riley and Doyal use the trailers and cookers during elections to drive to voting areas to feed voters and poll workers. Riley has used his trailer and barbecue cooker for other events as well. One County Auditor employee has confirmed that neither Doyal nor Riley ever reimbursed Montgomery County for the plumbing and electrical installation.

Use of government services in violation of the Penal Code constitutes an “abuse of official capacity” and “official misconduct” that would lead to removal from office if Doyal or Riley were convicted of such violations.

Neither Doyal nor Riley returned telephone calls for comments.

Charlie Riley and Craig Doyal hug on February 28, 2016.



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