Doyal, Blair: Mental health secrecy surfaces during Tuesday Commissioners Court meeting

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal.

Conroe, April 14 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal has resorted to an entirely more aggressiveness form of secrecy that appeared during the Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting. Doyal placed an item on the “Consent Agenda,” which the Commissioners Court rarely reviews, discusses, or even considers, that called for adoption of a resolution that was not included in any backup materials whatsoever. In other words, the Commissioners Court adopted a resolution without having the opportunity to see it!

The secret agenda item was 9I1 “Consider and Approve a Resolution in Support of Mental Health Services in Texas and Montgomery County.” When Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack pointed out during the meeting that there was no resolution included within the attachments to the Agenda, Doyal didn’t offer a copy of the resolution to his colleagues. Rather, he invited longtime “Establishment” political activist Nelda Blair to the podium to read the resolution from her laptop computer.

Even worse, Doyal and Blair explained that they knew about the content of the proposed agenda resolution for approximately one month but still chose not to provide copies of the resolution to the Commissioners Court or the public. After Commissioner Noack mentioned there was no resolution attached, which no other member of court seemed even to have noticed, Doyal and Blair resisted any discussion of it. Noack asked for a copy of the resolution to read but Doyal and Blair didn’t want to wait to approve more government spending, so Blair insisted upon reading the resolution out loud.

Supposedly, some unidentified “legislators” (Republican or democrat?) wanted Montgomery County to adopt this resolution. The resolution calls for the expansion of government spending on the Montgomery Mental Health Treatment Facility. The resolution noted that our treatment facility houses mental health patients who face criminal charges from around the State.

Doyal told the Commissioners Court he went to Austin to lobby on this issue a month ago, even though the Commissioners Court hadn’t authorized him to do so. Even worse, the extreme liberal, pro-government spending, pro-government growth Texas Association of Counties supports whatever the resolution – and underlying State legislation – contemplates.


There’s no reason for anyone not to support mental health. People who suffer from mental illness are often in some of the worst predicaments in which a person can exist. Nevertheless, those sad circumstances don’t call for spending tax dollars whenever some pro-spending politician throws the phrase “mental health” into a room of people. Mental health treatment requires careful planning just as other government spending programs. Government officials should remember that they’re spending “other people’s money.”

Without reading a copy of the resolution, without knowing the identity of the legislators behind whatever the legislation is, and without knowing what the legislation says, the Montgomery County Commissioners Court voted 5 to 0 to support the resolution.

Secrecy and surprise seem to succeed.



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