Conroe, January 13 – In an email among the legal fund contributors to County Judge Craig Doyal’s criminal defense fund – engineers Halff Associates, Inc., engineers Binkley & Barfield, real estate developer Rick Sheldon, engineer Mike Weaver, and political consultant Peter Peters – they discussed that Craig Doyal will be “looking for blood in the streets…” apparently in reference to the level of pleasantry from Craig Doyal which the citizens can eagerly anticipate.

The blood has begun to flow!

Left to right: Jim Clark, Charlie Riley, Craig Doyal.

Craig Doyal has already made clear that he blesses his buddy Brian Dawson running against incumbent County Commissioner (Precinct 2) Charlie Riley to defeat Riley’s 2018 re-election efforts. I suppose Riley hasn’t towed the line sufficiently, even after helping “Foghorn” Doyal try to cover up the Goetzgate scandal. While Doyal helped Riley’s wife get a cushy new job, after the Sheriff’s Department made clear they were letting her go, Commissioner Riley himself may actually need to seek work in the private (gasp!) sector after the next election. (The foregoing comment assumes that there will still be a private sector after Doyal and the other “axis of evil” members (Meador, Riley, Clark) finish their spending and taxation work aka the FY 2018 budget).

Craig Doyal has also already gotten the word out that he supports the plans of Judge James Metts to run against and defeat County Commissioner (Precinct 4) Jim Clark for re-election in 2018. Clark has embarrassed the entire County. Apparently, Clark has not kissed “Foghorn’s” feathers sufficiently.

The Golden Hammer’s Publisher Eric Yollick added, “I’m sorry to see electoral politics already heating up. Our community needs to address some serious business – mainly cutting county government spending – without the distraction of electoral politics. I guess it’s a reflection of the fact that Doyal is more interested in keeping his job than serving the public interest.”

Although no candidates have made formal announcements, the following candidates have made it pretty clear they’re going to run for the County Commissioners Court:

County Judge – Craig Doyal (incumbent).

Commissioner, Precinct Two – Charlie Riley (incumbent), Brian Dawson (no formal announcement).

Commissioner, Precinct Four – Jim Clark (incumbent), Bob Bagley, Judge James Metts (rumored), Ralph C. Jones.



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