“Disgrace” Wilkerson, Riley’s campaign manager advertise fake Cruz-Brady August 24 “fundraiser,” while Cruz campaign, Senator’s father confirm Senator not attending

False advertisement, “Disgrace” Wilkerson, the rogue County GOP Chairman, posted Wednesday afternoon.

Conroe and Washington, D.C., July 11 – Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson, whom the Republican Party Officials Committee determined took actions to “disgrace” the Republican Party in October, 2018, is up to his old tricks again. Wilkerson released an advertisement during the afternoon of Wednesday, July 10, 2019, in which he announced a “2019 Fundraiser” featuring United States Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Kevin Brady on August 24, 2019, at the Lone Star Convention Center.

In actuality, Senator Cruz never agreed to attend the event as a fundraiser for Wilkerson or for Wilkerson’s rogue wing of the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP), because the Senator is familiar with the Party sanctions against Wilkerson and with Wilkerson’s refusal to abide by the duly-enacted Bylaws of MCRP. Wilkerson has gone so far as to appoint his own fake “treasurer” and to withhold Republican Party funds from the Victory Campaign Steering Committee, which manages MCRP’s General Election campaigns. In October, 2018, Wilkerson refused to turn over $10,125 in Party funds in bank accounts Wilkerson held, after the MCRP Steering Committee had directed Wilkerson to do so.

During the evening of July 10, events unfolded which revealed how Wilkerson had planned and intended the event. First, a social planner, who works as Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s “campaign manager,” made arrangements for Cruz and Brady to attend the event. A source in the Cruz campaign, who has requested anonymity, and an individual close to Senator Cruz, who has also requested anonymity, have confirmed that the social planner had informed Cruz that the event was merely a “thank you” for conservative activists from Montgomery County, which delivered more than 40% of Senator Cruz’s winning margin against Robert Francis O’Rourke in the U.S. Senate race in the November, 2018, General Election.

Soon after Wilkerson began to advertise the event as a fundraiser to support the overhead of his office (and for his private secretary’s unauthorized salary), Riley’s “campaign manager” also began to advertise the event on social media.

Riley’s “campaign manager’s” advertisement for the Cruz-Brady-Wilkerson fundraiser on August 24, another false advertisement.

By approximately 8:30 p.m. last night, Craig Llewellyn, Brady’s campaign coordinator, confirmed that the event was never to be a fundraiser for MCRP, Wilkerson, or otherwise.

A few minutes later, Nick Maddux of the Cruz campaign and another individual had confirmed that Senator Cruz would not attend the event, especially after Wilkerson and Riley’s “campaign manager,” had tried to turn the event into a fundraiser for Wilkerson and his rogue wing of the local party.

At 10:08 p.m., Pastor Rafael Cruz, Senator Cruz’s father, issued the following statement to Montgomery County Republican Party Precinct Chair Ginger Russell of Magnolia:

Pastor Rafael Cruz’s statement, which he issued at 10:08 p.m., Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

Sadly, late into the evening, even well after Cruz made clear he wouldn’t attend the event, Wilkerson and his fake Republican Party website continued to advertise the August 24 event as a fundraiser for the party which Cruz would headline.

Wilkerson continues to maintain that the organization, which he heads, is “not a part of the Republican Party of Texas.”

The authorized website of the Montgomery County Republican Party is mcgop.online.

Wally Wilkerson, the “disgrace” of a GOP County Chairman, according to the Republican Party of Texas Officials Committee, continued to advertise the Ted Cruz-Kevin Brady “fundraiser” late last night on the fake website of his unauthorized wing of the Republican Party. Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign earlier in the evening confirmed the Senator would not attend the event.

Wilkerson didn’t respond to requests for comment.



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