Dewey Jones’ question deserves a serious answer

Dewey Jones also known as Paul Dewey Jones.

The Woodlands, August 29 – Dewey Jones is a one of the most interesting people in Montgomery County. He was an early member of the Texas Patriots PAC yet he seems to despise them. He argues against government yet he seeks government solutions to every problem. He’s been a community leader for 50 years yet he’s never held any office. He pretends to be ignorant and uneducated yet he knows the history of Montgomery County probably better than anyone you’ll ever meet. Sometimes, Jones is an “establishment” figure but he publicly complains about the “establishment” all the time and suggests that everyone “follow the money.” If you’re looking for enjoyable conversation with a remarkably intelligent man, you should seek out Dewey Jones.

Wally Wilkerson is the 88-year-old who is trying to destroy the Montgomery County Republican Party, even though voters elected him as County Republican Chairman in the 2018 Primary Election. Wilkerson has recently declared that the Montgomery County Republican Party is “not a part of the Republican Party of Texas.” Apparently, Wilkerson believes that by declaring independence, he is not under the jurisdiction of Texas election law, the Texas Election Code, the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, or the Bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party. Last night, August 28, Wilkerson walked out of a Republican Party meeting he was running. Wally Wilkerson is a mess. He was seriously confused during the meeting last night and wasn’t even able to ascertain where people were in the room who asked for recognition from Wilkerson as the chair of the meeting.

But there’s something interesting happening in the Montgomery County Republican Party. The Precinct Chairs, also elected by the voters in the 2018 Republican Primary Election, have invigorated the Republican Party in this community in a manner never before seen. They’ve organized a General Election campaign, begun to implement a get-out-the-vote effort, and begun to coordinate with Republican candidates in a manner Montgomery County has never seen. Wilkerson hasn’t run a General Election campaign in 25 years. Instead, he’s merely ridden the wave of Republican-leaning voters who real estate developers have brought into Montgomery County.

Now, there’s no question that ultra-liberals, such as Marisa Rummel, walked out, because Wally walked out. Just look at Rummel’s past. She just wants to be a member of something. She served on the Board of the Republican Leadership Council, but they kicked her out, because she was a liberal posing as a conservative. Rummel has claimed to be a Hispanic liaison for the Montgomery County Republican Party but she’s done nothing to bring the Hispanic vote into the Republican Party. Rummel was a precinct chair but recently lost re-election, because she hadn’t done anything to organize her Republican Precinct for decades. Worst of all, Rummel served on the Board of Directors of the San Jacinto River Authority and consistently voted to approve their decisions not to fulfill their statutory duty “to provide flood control.” When 5,000 homes east of the Lake Conroe Dam flooded during Tropical Storm Harvey, those who lost their homes should look directly into the guilty eyes of Rummel and her cohorts on the SJRA Board who refused to do their duty. The point is that losing someone as guilty as Rummel from the “Republican” Party is actually a good thing, because that action invigorates voters and activists who want the Republican Party to stand for conservative reform.

This discussion brings us to a great question that Jones asked this morning which he asked in reference to this newspaper’s article about Wilkerson’s childish behavior and Wilkerson’s efforts to destroy the Republican Party.

Jones asked:

“When will this Stop?”

Here’s the answer to Jones’ question from The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper:

The abuse by the political establishment and the overreaching local, state, and federal government will stop when (1) we substantively reform our education system in this nation so that schools must compete against each other for which ones reflect basic principles and values, such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and objective history, (2) people get away from looking to government for every solution to every problem OR for as a method of gaining competitive advantage over other businesses which don’t have the political connections, and (3) we’ve all restored government to the appropriate size (monetarily, number of employees, and with respect to physical presence) by reducing it down to its basic moral functions which are law enforcement and providing the national defense.

Conservative activists are invigorated because Wilkerson and Rummel have never stood for anything but their own lust for power and recognition. Thousands of quiet conservative activists have sought a voice in reforming Montgomery County to make it the great point of conservative reform that it has every ability to be. They’ve finally found a very strong mechanism for bringing those dreams into reality: it’s called the real Montgomery County Republican Party (under the leadership of the great Reagan Reed (Vice Chairman), Rachel Bingham (Secretary), John Hill Wertz (Treasurer), and Steering Committee members Jon Bouche, Paul Gebolys, Brian Crumby, Dale Inman, and Adrian Kaiser).

Montgomery County, Texas, has the chance to become the shining beacon to lead us all towards reform and make

“this Stop.”



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