Despite knowledge of Davenport’s “questionable past” for many years, Metts, sidekick attempted to recruit Commissioner Clark into Davenport Ring: Why Voters Should Get Rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 4

Despite knowledge of Davenport’s “questionable past” for many years, Metts, sidekick attempted to recruit Commissioner Clark into Davenport Ring: Why Voters Should Get Rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 4

Image: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport (left) and corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport (right).

New Caney, February 18 – Over the past day, it’s become clear that there is widespread knowledge concerning corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport’s “questionable past” and that people involved in Montgomery County government and politics have known that for many years. Despite how well known was Davenport’s “questionable past,” JP James Metts and a close political ally attempted to recruit Jim Clark in 2013 and early 2014 into the Davenport Ring of corrupt politicians who take their direction from Davenport.

Former Montgomery County Judge’s Chief of Staff Ann Carr said on Friday, “Marc’s questionable past has been widely known for years. However, these new allegations take his past to a new level that is sickening.” Given the widespread knowledge of Davenport’s “questionable past,” it is disconcerting, to say the least, that Metts and Hayden were promoting Davenport to Clark.

In 2013, Jim Clark, who had enjoyed a highly successful career as a commercial real estate broker, announced his candidacy for Precinct 4 County Commissioner as a Republican to succeed retiring Commissioner Ed Rinehart. Clark appeared to be the favorite to win the Republican Primary almost immediately after he announced his candidacy, even though Clark was a political neophyte at the time.

In November, 2013, Metts and Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, two long time members of the Davenport Ring, met with Clark to urge Clark to hire Davenport as his campaign advisor. After Clark resisted their arguments, Metts and Hayden approached Clark again in February, 2014, and told Clark, “If you want to win, you need to hire this guy. You have to hire Davenport to get elected.”

After the November meeting, as a courtesy to Metts and Hayden, Clark did agree to meet with Davenport. From Clark’s perspective, the meetings didn’t go well. “I found Marc Davenport to be a man of questionable character and willing to do anything whether or not it was moral or ethical in order to get people elected. This guy was not someone I wanted to align myself with,” Clark told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview yesterday.

Clark explained, “Davenport’s m.o. is to meet with potential clients and almost immediately ask them for all of their personal background. He seems to do that so that people with problems in their past can’t ever escape his hold as their political director. When Davenport told me, ‘if I’m going to get you elected, you need to tell me everything about you, both the bad and the good,’ I realized this guy was trying to build a way so I couldn’t ever escape from him. Fortunately, I’ve been pretty careful in my life, so there’s nothing out there from my past, but I surely didn’t feel like sharing my whole life with Marc Davenport.”

“He finds individuals in need of someone and who need someone to take care of them. Then he manipulates them to find a way to make it all work in his favor,” Davenport’s stepdaughter told The Golden Hammer. That explains why his clients, such as Sheriff Rand Henderson, Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, and Jason Dunn hire him and can’t get rid of Davenport after they do. They’re afraid. In fact, one current member of the Davenport Ring told The Golden Hammer on condition of anonymity, “I’m afraid to get rid of Marc. To know Marc Davenport is to hate him. But he knows a lot about me, and he’ll use it against me. I want to keep him on my side.”

Clark now finds himself running against the Davenport Ring. Metts is challenging Clark for Precinct 4 County Commissioner in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. Davenport has enlisted his other clients to work for Metts’ election as well. Davenport and Metts both want to get rid of Clark, because Clark has shown a lack of willingness to go along with their schemes to take over the County’s purchasing and information technology departments.

In speaking of Clark’s resistance to Davenport’s efforts to give access to Phonoscope’s deep fiber optic cable system in the County’s rights-of-way and building facilities in Precinct 4, access against which Clark has fought, Davenport said on January 5, 2018, “Clark can do what he wants he has 359 days left. But others want it, they are going to get it.”

Davenport has made clear that he’ll get Clark out of the way no matter what. Clark has made clear, “I’ll fight for the people of East Montgomery County. Marc Davenport’s corrupt group along with his client Metts have met the immovable object to their corrupt plans.”

MCHD Director Bob Bagley is also running in the Precinct 4 County Commissioner race.




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