Desperate to show support, Montgomery County Judge Doyal lists dinner at home with his wife as $1000 political contribution; at least 2/3rds of his total contributions from County vendors

Desperate to show support, Montgomery County Judge Doyal lists dinner at home with his wife as $1000 political contribution; at least 2/3rds of his total contributions from County vendors

Conroe, July 23 – Desperate to show that he still has political support after almost three years of massive spending, questionable ethics, an indictment for violating the Open Meetings Act, conflicts of interest, and lying to the Texas Transportation Commission that Montgomery County shows unified support for the Tx-249 Taxway, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal listed “dinner at home” with his wife at their palatial (but undervalued for property tax purposes) mansion as a $1,000 political in-kind political contribution on his July 17, 2017, Campaign Finance Report. If that is the value of dinner at home with one’s spouse, the Publisher of this newspaper has received more than $8.3 million of dinners during the 32 years of his marriage.

County Judge Craig Doyal’s infamous lakefront house that stood on MCAD’s tax appraisal rolls at $110,000, until The Golden Hammer reported the story on April 20, 2017.

Doyal’s election filing also reveals that of the $158,151 in political contributions he raised, at least two-thirds, approximately $104,660, came from outside-of-Montgomery-County government vendors.

Doyal has made good use of his campaign funds to support his expensive lifestyle which reportedly includes between six and ten rounds of golf each week. One can rarely find Doyal in the County Judge’s office. He included a $25.37 payment for food at McKenzies Barbecue in Conroe as a “political lunch.”

Doyal’s campaign contributors paid for Doyal’s one night of lodging at the Omni Austin Downtown Hotel on June 28 to 29, 2017, when he attended the Texas Department of Transportation meeting on June 29 to tell them falsely that Montgomery County has a “unified voice” in favor of tolling the Tx-249 extension. The hotel expense was $194.63. Every regular citizen from Montgomery County who attended the event – Bill O’Sullivan, Kelli Cook, and Gregory Parker – drove to Austin the morning of the TxDOT meeting since they did not have “other people’s money” to spend on an extravagant hotel.

Not to worry that he’d forget the man who writes the words that come out of his mouth, Doyal also utilized $300 of campaign funds to buy a “Christmas Gift” for his “chief of staff” jim fredricks, who also is rarely in his office but can often be found asleep at home or working in his real estate sales business, while enjoying his $118,178.27 per year County salary plus County benefits.

The following County vendors, all of whom are from Houston, gave Doyal $5,000 campaign contributions:

  • Aguirre & Fields LP (engineers) PAC
  • construction contractor Charles Beyer
  • engineer F. Paul Celaura of Dannenbaum Engineering
  • Costello Inc. (engineers) PAC
  • Linda McDonough of McDonough Engineering
  • Jim Russ of EHRA Engineering
  • S&B (engineers) PAC
  • Jasbir Singh, engineer with Associated Testing Laboratory Inc.
  • Bob Smith (lives in Montgomery), company is Houston’s Geoscience Engineering.

Doyal faces re-election in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. State Representative Mark Keough has announced that he’s running against Doyal for County Judge in the Republican Primary Election. Doyal promoted his June 20, 2017, fundraiser as a major event with multimedia advertising across the four Commissioners Precincts of Montgomery County and outside of this community as well.

Commissioner Noack compares

Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack also filed his semi-annual campaign report on July 17, 2017. Noack is not running for re-election and only held a small and rather quiet fundraiser with a few of his friends on his birthday at a restaurant in The Woodlands. Without much effort, Noack raised $150,386.77 during the same six month reporting period. Noack had $267,003.52 in his campaign account as of June 30, 2017, while Doyal only had $140,805.56 in his campaign account on the same day.

Commissioner James Noack with his family.







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