Deadbeat JP: Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner candidate Metts has substantial unpaid judgment, federal tax liens, but no real property

Deadbeat JP: Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner candidate Metts has substantial unpaid judgment, federal tax liens, but no real property

Image: Deadbeat Justice of the Peace James Metts is vociferously working to evade creditors with an outstanding judgment and federal tax liens against him approach $250,000. Despite the $45,000 taxpayers had to pay to settle a sexual harassment claim against Metts after the U.S. EEOC formally found against the beleaguered JP, Metts is now running for a promotion to the County Commissioners Court. In this photograph, Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden (right) is serving a microphone upon Metts (left, in pink shirt).

New Caney, January 31 – James Metts, the deadbeat Justice of the Peace who stuck Montgomery County citizens with a $45,000 obligation to pay a sexual harassment claim against him in March, 2014, after the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found against him, has left a long trail of debts, a judgment, and federal tax lien which remain unpaid. Both Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden and Metts’ son, Jaime, have had to cover for Metts, who has carefully avoided ownership of any real property in Montgomery County for fear he’d lose it to creditors.

Metts and Hayden, of course, are both members of the “Davenport Ring,” the corrupt group of Montgomery County elected officials and politicians who take their direction from corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport.

Evading Creditors, especially Mustang Tractor & Equipment; how in the world could Metts be a Precinct 4 County Commissioner?!

Metts owes approximately $173,167.26 to Mustang Tractor & Equipment, which obtained a Final Judgment against the beleaguered JP on October 20, 1999, in the 281st District Court of Harris County, Texas. The original judgment was for $61,845.45, but accumulated post judgment interest of approximately $111,321.81, yields the full judgment amount of $173,167.26.

Mustang Tractor is a major Montgomery County government vendor, which, The Golden Hammer has verified, regularly does business with the Precinct 4 Commissioner’s Office. Mustang attempted to collect its Judgment against Metts in 2010 when Harris County District Clerk Loren Jackson issued a Writ of Execution instructing the Sheriff or Constable to seize Metts’ property.

Unfortunately, Mustang’s efforts to collect Metts’ longstanding debt ran squarely into the corruption of Metts and Montgomery County. The Writ of Execution went into the hands of none other than Metts’ buddy Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden. Hayden signed a very interesting “Constable’s Return” (show in full below) in which Hayden described the following why the debt against Metts was uncollectible.

Hayden failed to disclose to Mustang or Mustang’s collection representatives that Hayden has a lengthy relationship with Metts and Metts’ family and is very familiar with all of the assets and businesses Metts owns. Here’s the Constable’s Return, which Hayden signed:

I checked the records of the Montgomery County Clerk and Appraisal District. The defendant, James O. Metts, does not show to own any Real Property in Montgomery County, Texas. His son, James O. Metts Jr., owns property in Montgomery County, Texas, but the property was never owned by his father according to the county record. On February 9, 2010 at 9:00am (sic) I met with the defendant, Judge James O. Metts, and made demand. He told me he does not own any real property and states he lives in a room at his father’s home. He is the elected Justice of the Peace for Montgomery County Precinct Four. He also has a logging business. He has a 2006 Ford F150 truck and a 2008 Ford F350 truck. They are both financed by Ford Motor Credit. He owns one twelve foot and one sixteen foot trailer and is buying a Hydro 611 Shear. He states the F150 truck is his personal vehicle and the F350 and trailers and shear are tools of the logging trade. I did not locate any assets on which to levy. This writ expired and I am returning it Nulla Bona at this time.” (Emphasis added.)

It’s unfathomable how Metts could possibly serve as a Precinct 4 County Commissioner, which such office regularly does business with Mustang Tractor & Equipment, when he personally has evaded paying his obligation to that company for almost two full decades.

The “Not Me” Affidavit

On December 20, 2001, Metts’ son, Jaime, had to file a “not me” affidavit in the Real Property Records of Montgomery County so that he could complete a real estate transaction. In the affidavit, a copy of which is at the end of this article, Jaime Metts swore under oath that

“I am not the same person as James Oren Metts [his father, the JP running for Precinct 4 County Commissioner], who has the following lien filed against him:

“Notice of Federal Tax Lien dated October 19, 1999, recored under Clerk’s Document #99-090697, Serial No. 76-9950334 against James Oren Metts (SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx) for the sum of $36,275.77.”

Metts’ full social security number appears in the actual document, although The Golden Hammer has redacted it in order to protect the guilty.

The United States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), files releases of tax liens once satisfied. The IRS didn’t release the Federal Tax Lien, which means that JP Metts continues to owe well over $50,000 to the IRS with accumulated interest, even as he seeks higher office as a Montgomery County Commissioner.

Total debts

Between the IRS debt and the Mustang debt, Metts owes his creditors around a quarter of a million dollars.

With three jobs – Sweetie Pie’s restaurant which Metts co-owns with his girlfriend and Juvenile Court Coordinator, his logging business, and his $126,988.38 annual County salary (not including benefits) – Metts’ failure to pay his creditors is nothing short of an evasion of creditors.

No wonder Metts didn’t want to pay the $45,000 sexual harassment claim he instead stuck to the taxpayers, after Metts terminated a County employee after she repeatedly refused to agree to have sex with him.

Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden signed the Return on this Writ of Execution where Mustang Tractor attempted to collect its Judgment against JP James Metts. It’s troublesome that Hayden failed to disclose his relationship with Metts which goes far beyond being elected officials together.
James “Jaime” Metts, Jr.’s “Not Me” Affidavit where he identified his father’s Federal Tax Lien debt.





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