Davenport Ring’s Dunn announces JP4 candidacy, portends Metts race against Commissioner Clark

Jason Dunn, the Davenport Ring’s new candidate for JP James Metts’ spot, announced his candidacy formally on October 23, 2017.

Splendora, October 27 – Davenport Ring candidate for Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace, Jason Dunn, announced his candidacy on October 23, 2017, clearly portending the campaign of incumbent JP James Metts, one of the Davenport Ring’s oldest members, to try to clear incumbent Precinct 4 Jim Clark out of the corrupt Ring’s way.

As this newspaper has presented in detail previously in our “Montgomery County Government ‘For Sale'” series, Clark presents a major problem to the corrupt Marc Davenport’s Ring who are trying to take over Montgomery County’s entire purchasing and information technology functions. In four out of five JP positions already, the Ring has foisted the Graves Humphries Stahl/NetData fee and fine collection system that is costing Montgomery County millions of dollars per year in poor collections and in the massive fees the County must pay an outside law firm to perform the government function which Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Edie Connelly has shown the County Collections Department and Connelly and her wonderful staff do much better, more efficiently, and with far more transparency to the citizens.

Source: Montgomery County government.

The chart immediately above shows the striking contrast between Connelly’s Precinct 3 Justice Court as opposed to the terrible collections of Metts, JP 1 Mack, and others.

Recently, the Davenport Ring has worked to foist a major new County vendor on the taxpayers, Phonoscope, which provides deep fiber optic cable. Without any contract or Commissioners Court approval, Davenport directs County Judge Craig Doyal, the Information Technology Department, Sheriff Rand Henderson, and the Purchasing Department to approve Phonoscope’s installation of the cable and communications into County offices and rights-of-way and to pay many tens of thousands of tax dollars to the rogue vendor. It’s critical for the Davenport Ring to remove Clark as the Commissioner of Precinct 4 from office, because Clark has refused to allow Phonoscope to come into certain Precinct 4 County offices and rights-of-way.

With the election of Dunn as JP and Metts as county commissioner, the Davenport Ring would have a stranglehold on Commissioners Precinct 4. Furthermore, with Metts, the Davenport Ring would have a reliable vote in favor of higher County government spending to replace Clark who has (1) consistently opposed the Tx-249 Tollway folly which is imposing a half a billion dollar tollroad on the citizens at the far southwest edge of the County and will likely cost taxpayers many tens of millions of dollars for the frontage roads which neither TxDOT nor the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority intends to construct, and (2) been the citizens’ most reliable vote on budget issues over the past year.

Dunn personally has a positive reputation. Nevertheless, other members of the Davenport Ring have started their political careers with a positive image, such as Sheriff Rand Henderson, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, and even embattled JP Wayne Mack, only to end up substantially corrupted in a short period of time after joining the corrupt Davenport Ring.



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