DA Ligon rejects Meador, Riley claims of “scare tactics” allegedly from those calling for County spending reductions: “I’m not scared”

DA Ligon rejects Meador, Riley claims of “scare tactics” allegedly from those calling for County spending reductions: “I’m not scared”

Conroe, February 14 – Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley tried to turn a mundane presentation by District Attorney Brett Ligon to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court into a propaganda victory in their and County Judge Craig Doyal’s War Against The Taxpayers (the “WATT”). Rather than saying that he feared calls for reductions in County spending, Ligon responded, “I’m not scared.”

Since mid-September, Montgomery County citizens have increasingly appeared at the Commissioners Court and elsewhere to call for drasting County spending reductions. The Golden Hammer newspaper has made clear that those spending reductions to not include calls to reduce spending on law enforcement. To the contrary, the Citizens Budget Committee, which formed in mid-December to formulate a detailed formal budget presentation to the Commissioners Court before the Court’s Budget Hearings, has made clear that the Committee’s goal is to reduce total County spending by $100 million while increasing law enforcement spending by approximately $40 million, for a net $60 million County Budget decrease.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack and Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark have called for 5 % “across the board” spending reductions in the County’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, which begins October 1, 2017. Meanwhile, County Judge Craig Doyal has announced his intention to seek increases in County government spending in two press releases he’s issued, one on February 1 and the other after the Court meeting on February 14.

Commissioner Charlie Riley (left), loyal footsoldier to Craig Doyal (right), the general in the War Against The Taxpayers

Meador and Riley’s attempt to win a victory in their WATT fizzled. During Ligon’s presentation to the Commissioners on Tuesday, Ligon asked the Commissioners to approve three grant applications for the domestic violence, child victim, and warrant investigation divisions of the District Attorney’s Office.

In response, Meador asked Ligon, “aren’t you worried by the ‘scare tactics’ of people calling for reductions in spending, which might also hurt law enforcement?” Ligon made clear that he understood that the Citizens Budget Committee and others calling for drastic spending reductions actually support increases in law enforcement spending, which those spending reduction in wasteful areas of the County government would facilitate.

“I’m not scared,” said Ligon in response to Meador’s and Riley’s attempt to move their War Against The Taxpayers.

The Citizens Budget Committee has conducted several subcommittee meetings already and plans to meet to markup a budget for the “General Administration” portion of the County government budget before the end of February.



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