Cruz rally in Conroe draws over 2,334 excited Republican voters

United States Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, addressed a rally for his re-election in Conroe on Wednesday, October 3, 2018. There were over 2,334 people in attendance at the rally.

Conroe, October 7 – United States Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican running for re-election to the United States Senate from Texas, invited a few people to attend a rally to support his campaign at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe. Despite a small amount of publicity for the event, more than 2,334 excited supports of Cruz and the Republican Party ticket in the November General Election showed up.

The excitement of the Republicans in attendance electrified the giant room.

Senator Cruz thanked Donald Trump, Jr., for attending the event to support him and for “standing up and thank you for your father standing up for the American people.”

Cruz explained, “As crazy as things are, we’re also seeing remarkable victories for the American people.” Nevertheless, he noted that, as far the November 6 General Election, “there’s no race with a greater divide than between me and” Robert O’Rourke, the Irishman from El Paso running as the democrat. “On tax cuts, Beto voted no. Beto kinda likes taxes. On the El Paso City Council, Beto voted for higher property taxes. He voted for a rain tax. He voted in favor of a $10 per barrel tax on oil. For anyone here who drives a car, that works out of 24 center per gallon in additional taxes you’d have to pay,” Cruz told the admiring crowd.

“That’s a great agenda that O’Rourke has, if you want to raise taxes so we’ll be like San Francisco,” Cruz said. “Beto is for regulations. I’m against them,” he added.

Cruz remarked that the Trump administration has brought remarkable economic prosperity to the United States. “Nationwide, there are 4 million new jobs as a result of the tax cuts alone. People are coming off of food stamps for the first time in many years. We have the lowest African-American unemployment rate ever recorded. We have the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate ever recorded. We have the lowest unemployment rate among women in 70 years. We have the lowest youth unemployment rate in 52 years.”

Donald Trump, Jr., endorsed the re-election of United States Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in the November 6 General Election. Trump’s hand gestures were just like his father’s.

Donald Trump, Jr., gave a great talk about the importance of re-elected Senator Cruz. “You may recall that my dad and Ted Cruz had a rough primary…A few weeks later, I ran into Senator Cruz at a Trump Hotel. He sat with us for three hours and discussed all sorts of topics. That took guts. I’ve seen Senator Cruz fighting hand in hand for policies that are making America great again!”

Trump noted, “The economy is so good that Barack Obama is trying to claim credit for it. Why? Because consumer confidence is higher than ever, because people know they have someone inside the White House who is fighting for them…Obama never signed the front of a paycheck, while my dad as supported families in his companies his entire life.”

One of the great success of the Trump administration, which his son noted, is regulatory reform. “My father’s goal when he came into office was to cut two regulations for every one you put on the books. He delivered, but instead he cut twenty-two regulations for every new one in place.”

Referring to the previous president, B. Hussein Obama, Trump discussed Obama’s remark about there existing “no magic wand.” In response, Trump said, “Well, Abracadabra, President Obama. The magic wand is called ‘conservative fiscal policy.'” That remark drew an uproarious cheer from the crowd that shook the Convention Center to its foundation.

As for the sad hyper-partisanship the democrats have perpetrated across America, Trump said, “If my dad came out in favor of oxygen, the democrats would be against it.”

Trump warned the cheering listeners, “You better show up to the polls. You need to stay in this fight, because all of the accomplishments my dad is getting done he can’t do alone. If you think the last two weeks have been dysfunctional, just think about what it would be like if Nancy Pelosi gets the Speaker’s gavel.” The reference to California Congresswoman Pelosi drew loud boos and hisses.

“The other party is the party of outrage, but what they should be outraged about is their failed policies, their anti-law enforcement stance, their being against the Constitution, and supporting Hamas over Israel,” Trump concluded. “Please vote and make sure you vote for Ted Cruz as well.”




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